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Historical Torah

28 Feb

ImageThe biblical Torah is represented by the first five books of the Old Testament. It represents the recorded stories of an ancient tribe referred to as People Chosen by god. A tribe called the Israelites. As fantastic as the stories are – there are small pockets of information which do relate to history.

It must be kept in mind the biblical stories are, like a lot of history represents a piece of antiquity. The fantastical story of god has been influenced by a great deal of creative licence, for the purpose of domination.

The Torah and the remains of the Old Testament were compiled in the 7th century BCE. There are some single scripts which were written prior to that time.

The Torah speaks of the origin of a nation of people. That nation of people probably held little significance to the known world of that time.

The story I covered earlier about the biblical version of the Exodus from Egypt has not been recorded in Ancient Egyptian history. Interestingly though, the Israelites have been mentioned at the base of a recovered obelisk. It is a very tiny inscription; even so, it is there. This means such a trivial tribe did exist. But this tribe as written in the bible does not exist.

The basis of the Jewish religion is the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament. The bible writings created a Journal of time. Compiled by four different scribes and eventually combined.

These five books became known as the Hebrew bible giving the impression that Moses wrote the first five chapters called the Torah. Except Moses describes his own death which then negates the fact that he was the author. Impossible!

The Pentateuch by Moses, the Torah and its four sources are identified as Jahweh, Elohim, Priestly and Deuteronomy. The various writings describe God speaking directly to the people. God speaking through a mediator like the burning bush to Moses or through angels. The other writings lay out laws and the understanding of monotheism.

Four authors who do not necessarily agree. Evidence show these writings were written much later than boasted, around the 7th Century BCE.

The third chapter of the Torah is ‘Leviticus’ which outlines the regulations for worship and religious ceremonies. Next is ‘Numbers’ the fourth chapter, which covers the counting of people in a ‘census’. The bible demonstrates the idea of tracking the people through a census started amongst the Israelites. The record or catalogue was to control God’s people by establishing their identity for manipulation. That biblical influence still exists today. Today it is considered to be a positive system helping the placement of hospitals, aged care facilities and much more. However common details beyond the necessary information for research are required. Also there is little evidence of improvement to the people’s lives from the use of such data.

The bible then outlines the various duties, rules and activities required by God. During these passages, the Lord God continues to murder and punish.

The fifth chapter, ‘Deuteronomy’ is like a review of the journey in the wilderness to the Promised Land. Laws are revised in detail, including the law of Tithe, a tax system and the idea of interest rates, which was very heavy and kept the people suppressed.

This money was used to glorify the leaders to give them more power and to fund warfare which was the greater plan. The return benefit to the people was minimal in comparison. Punishment to humanity was high on the agenda. The biblical history reflects life as it is today. And in a sense the biblical power is greater than most people realize.

Moses dies at the end of that chapter and the people began to spread out into the Promised Land after many clashes with the original occupants. God said he would drive out the people before they advanced but instead this was not the case. God preached false promises. The chosen people had to fight to gain entry to the Promised Land.    

The book of Joshua shows the Israelites conquering and dividing up lands and territories. The Old Testament continues to show struggles between worshipping God and straying away from God.


27 Feb

ImageMany cities have been unearthed from the ancient world indicating complete destruction. Some destruction has been caused by what appears to be natural events but many were through invasion and wars.

The bible very clearly states god moved his people around the earth invading and destroying original occupants. Many cities were left in ruins and the survivors taken as prisoners. These survivors were mostly women and children.  

The influence of the gods has come down through the Ages. The ruins of the ancient city of Carthage a metropolis of antiquity depict a bustling city of commerce, arts and science, a trading post for the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and the settling place for the Phoenicians.

Outside the city walls is evidence of advance industry producing metals such as iron. There was a major shipping port that had a walled island which housed a working marina, a centre island holding the ports navy. Circular secretive area housing up to 220 ships complete with repair ramps.

The Phoenicians are said to have brought Greek and Roman alphabet to Carthage. Ruins dated from 2500 BCE have unearthed an evolving history. A planned city neatly arranged in an organized manner. The ruins show that each house was complete with individual cisterns, conveyed by a sophisticated piping system.

It is understood that these Punic cities were not ruled by a King but instead were elected from different guilds. A democratic system ruled.

The Greeks instigated democracy, it is recorded, and this system became evident in these locations. This was to avoid self riches and excessive power. Parallel to this information is the evidence of slavery which also indicates the Pharaoh gods had infiltrated this society.

The Punic city was eventually destroyed and overpowered by the Romans. This ancient city suffered a major destruction in 146 BCE, consumed by fire, evidence of a battle killing the occupants.

There is no doubt about the evidence of two types of influences in antiquity. There is no doubt about the wars and the struggles with the gods both in history and the bible.

The ancient civilizations, have left evidence, it would seem, of the Phoenicians, of Educators or Sea People who tried to re-establish knowledge about the world, amongst the lands. What I am placing in front of you is the evidence of our past. This suggests that our true history has been altered to accommodate the godly influence which has destroyed information about the past. The steady flow of information regarding humanities origin has been erased from both history and memory. The winners who wrote history stole the truth of the past and therefore patches of history, if not all, will need to eventually be rewritten.

Boat People Part 4

26 Feb

ImageA lot of information is missing from history. I cannot and will not accept a single opinion of affairs written from a single point of view. It is difficult to source alternate information about events and groups and therefore this forces many researchers to theorize on limited evidence. What cannot be denied is there is more historical information to be uncovered. Each piece of information helps form the pieces of the ancestral puzzle.  

According to history the Boat or Sea People vanished and their history was rewritten about them. There is a variety of legends from around the then known world which spoke of the knowledge they shared. The topic of knowledge cannot be avoided. The evidence of knowledge in antiquity is overwhelming. The pyramids alone are a strong example. The mere mention these Boat people possessed knowledge is difficult to ignore.  

In the bible god forbid knowledge calling it Original Sin. God placed the Tree of Knowledge or The Knowledge of Everything in the centre of the Garden of Eden, tempting mankind. When Eve took and gave Adam the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, they were banished and the Tree of Knowledge was held hostage by the Winged Creatures and the Flaming Sword.

Eve and Adam ate from the fruit which indicates they gained knowledge (whatever that was) – advanced humanity. The Sumerian texts indicated humanity learnt quickly.

The interesting comparison of the Sea People is they are described as of large statue, fair, large eyes and in long robes. The Sumerian texts speak of the Anunnaki gods as short, white with beards. The bible speaks of the superhuman beings or sons of god taking the giant human women because they were beautiful.

The Sea People or Educators insisted on peace and development. The gods of antiquity in both the bible and history brought war and destruction, stripping humanity of knowledge. 

The picture that comes into my mind is the people of antiquity possessed knowledge in advanced science and ancient technology. This blended well with the progressing race of humans who were knowledgeable about the seas. When the floods of antiquity destroyed many communities around the world, the Boat People with their natural good will went about to help people re-establish their lives. Then when the gods represented by the Pharaohs discovered the people were re-developing humanity they became angry and destroyed these boat people.

The god of the bible invaded and destroyed many towns according to the Old Testament overpowering the occupants. Many of the people under god’s control continually strayed away from god. Each time this happened god punished them through destruction or murder. It is evident in the bible that a struggle between god and the people on earth continued throughout history. The common people rebelled against the gods, the kings of royalty many times. My guess is humanity rose up against the gods and the kingship and eventually overpowered them on earth. The hangover of these events developed the belief systems in circulation today. This is because the influence of the gods was great. I am sure many people were heavily convinced and believed in these gods, as they do today.

There is strong evidence of struggle between the gods and humanity in both the bible and recorded history of antiquity.

In my mind the bible was written as a journal and highlights the dangers of godly rule. The bible combined with the Sumerian texts brings about an interesting analysis.

Boat People Part 3

24 Feb

ImageThe mystery surrounding the Phoenicians makes it easy to compare them with the boat people of ancient tales. Without contest it would be expected there were probably many groups of people, clans or tribes that did not make the history or biblical scrolls. 

The Phoenicians were competitive with their progress in knowledge from a source unknown or identified and by the crumbs of information left for us today it appears they developed very quickly. What has been claiming to have been uncovered is the Phoenicians founded colonies and commenced the first known cartel. This in its sheer understanding separates the activities of this group of people from the biblical characters.   

The cedars of Lebanon that covered the mountains, it is theorized, were used in the building of David’s City, creating a wealthy trade for the Phoenicians; wine, food and purple dye commonly used in royal households were traded.

A group of people who had mastered the seas after a great flood in antiquity moved about the known world. From their last known place of Levant the Phoenicians or people of the sea who moved around in boats are surrounded in mystery.

The remnants of information about these mysterious people reveal they carried knowledge and civilized methods of living. Their life style and approach in survival and agricultural matters was with total harmony and balance in all aspects of life. In contrast this is very different to ancient history and the bible stories.

Legendary information suggests that the Sea People were left to the seas to die, by a system of kingly domination that had overpowered them with an influence of evil and destruction which had infiltrated throughout the population of earth. This destructive influence sounds like the godly biblical story which may have reflected the invasions, wars and dictatorship of the pharaohs of antiquity, the godly representatives.

The Egyptian hieroglyphs show the Sea People were savage warriors marching on the lands. The Egyptians notation of these people since they were outsiders would certainly not be recorded in a favourable way. As we have come to learn, history has and is written in favour of the author’s opinion or the opinions held by the dominating leader and/or nation. It is possible these particular people were marching on lands to regain back from the godly pharaohs what belonged to them. The Pharaoh’s were the god representatives on earth… The bible speaks of the heathen Goliath, a giant, who challenged King Saul. As I mentioned in my previous blog these sea people were of a large statue. This correlates the bible with history. The bible clearly shows how infiltration, domination and wars causing murder and misery happened in that time. In a quaint way by self confession the bible exposes the atrocities that occurred in antiquity.  

Boat People Part 2

23 Feb

ImageThe stories about the Boat/Sea People appear to be a lost group in Antiquity – People who were scattered and did not appear to belong in any one place.

It has been theorized these people predate or were the ancient Phoenicians. And this makes it interesting because the ancient Phoenicians existed with a mix of the biblical history.

The Phoenicians were the master of the sea throughout the Mediterranean. They became extinct around 1200 BCE from clashes by their rivals, the ruling kingdoms. They were crushed and had their history rewritten to condemn them. No single written history has survived from them. Their legendary and distorted history goes back to 4000 BCE.

Lebanon is the homeland of the Phoenician who was in tune more with the sea rather than the land. They were connected to a string of states, Tyre, Sibon, and Bybols, Berytos and Myra rather than a unified kingdom. They absorbed other cultures during their trading from their sea travel and developed selling skills.

Many scholars have a theory that the Canaanites from the bible lived in Levant before 2000 BCE. There is a theory the Canaanites are a race of people who interbred with the Phoenicians. There is no evidence for this theory but the idea is curious.

Ancient Egyptian legends speak of the Sea People who came to Levant long before 1200 BCE and mixed with the people.

After the arrival of the Sea People, the Phoenicians suddenly leaped forward with knowledge, mastering and commanding the sea, developing trade from the various cities of the known world.

The bible exhibits no knowledge traits except with Solomon who was influenced by foreigners whom god disapproved, so these Sea People are probably not from a biblical source.

God’s people travelled by land – There is no mention in the bible the gods mastered the seas.

Boat People Part 1

23 Feb

ImageThe Boat People of Antiquity or some people refer to them as Sea People is shrouded in mystery. The tales of these people seem to not fit into any particular tribe or place and yet they have sprung up in folklore around the world.

After the Great Flood of antiquity there is folklore about people who I will call Educators who converged around the world. Many cultures speak of these Educators or Sea People who were foreigners of a large statue, fair with strong features, large eyes and dressed in long white robes.

The biblical history is placed in the East, particularly Egypt. The people in the early history, I could only imagine, were dark skin, dark hair and eyes. The origin of humanity up to this moment appears to have come out of Africa who was also dark skin, dark hair and eyes.

So where did the fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes come from?

The Sea People were fair.

White people have considered superiority above their coloured fellow humans for no good reason to my thinking.

So to come back to the story there are people from the East who were dark and then there are the boat people who were fair and large.    

In the bible it is written: GenesisHuman woman and supernatural beings. In those days and even later, there were giants on the earth who were descendants of human women and the supernatural beings. They were the great heroes and famous men of long ago.’

Perhaps this establishes people evolved from earth differently. This is so because we have white, black, Asian, natives and so on. Our species has certainly taken on different appearances and colours. And the origins of these different colours and appearances have come from different points on the planet.

The generational stories are varied about the boat people but in some cases very similar. For instance, these wise and mysterious people condemned sacrifices and were said to carry peace. When approached about war they refused to listen. The many different ancient cultures that experienced this, legend says, they described them as coming from across the waters.

In some references they moved in a boat that propelled it without paddles. They brought knowledge to these villages, taught agriculture to assist with farming. They had wisdom in architecture for construction of housing and gave advice on living in harmony in an effort to build humanity.

Eventually these boat people were overpowered and banished. Prior to the banishment of these mysterious people they made promises to return.

Evidence in Egypt shows the description of sophisticated sailing boats that travelled along the Nile. This evidence is considered to date back to 3500 BCE with many believing that this type of transport dated earlier.

Who were these boat people who in comparison to the dark skin natives had fair complexions?

Puzzles of the Past

21 Feb

ImageOur origin is shrouded in mystery. The overwhelming evidence of an advanced civilization has left us wondering. It is teasing to not know the full secrets of the past. The bible has only added confusion, while it is blatantly tales it also holds specks of truths.

The god and gods of the bible and of history have managed to mask themselves enough to have people frustrated with their true understanding.

I can see why so many religions have risen to take advantage of these gods. A following can be maintained while mystery remains.

As I look at the world today I see around me knowledge, technology, sciences and discoveries. Our living conditions are superior to those of our ancestors. All of this is a natural development of society. So what makes antiquity different? What makes it more special than life today? I don’t see marvel in a lesser society who didn’t enjoy the technologies we do today and yet we do.

We are drawn because many questions have been left unanswered. No clear records have been left to allow us a clear understanding of our past. And yet our past has left enormous evidence of a very high intelligence without explanation.

I find it difficult to ignore there was some type of massive disaster in antiquity and perhaps this disaster has happened on more than one occasion.

We are confident the dinosaurs were wiped out because of a massive disaster of some sort. Perhaps something as large as a meteorite was the cause. Species, such the early stages of the humans managed to survive. Maybe destructions of different kinds affected the development of mankind – Volcanos, floods, fire or ice ages. Humankind’s demise may have been self inflicted like wars and invasions.

The bible has recorded bloodied wars, infiltration of cities and the destruction of nations. Known history shares the same analysis. Perhaps the origin of the alien greys was humans wearing face masks and suits to protect themselves from harmful ancient chemicals or fires or something. The victims who survived saw these beings as godly figures because their appearances were different to their own. But these godly figures were only humans who paraded with authority. They may have come from a distant land, one which was advanced.

It is possible the forefathers of the biblical scribes were overwhelmed by what they witnessed because their tribes were not as advanced. The stories in the bible, it is alleged, were past down generation by generation until the scribes were educated enough to put them down on scrolls as the written word.

This same affect could happen today. A group of educated people could easily invade and influence an isolated African tribe or people in a remote spot of Asia. A group of educated people could, without scruples make an impression of Godly power to an isolated group of farmers. A new tale of worship could be seeded and then sprout with the future generations.

The ancient world would have been spread out differently than today. Governing bodies would not have been as efficiently set up as we are today with our technologies. And it is possible there was a technology of sorts which have not been carried through to today which could explain how the pyramids and monuments were built. That knowledge may have been lost due to massive disasters.

The massive disasters of the past could be the reasoning of the End Time prophecies. As I have previously shown, the bible explains how each prophecy was seeded. Knowledge was the core of prophecies and those prophecies were not predictions.

Our planet has travelled on a path of change since its inception. The massive meteorites like Yellow Stone Park, the floods like the Great Flood of Antiquity, the Ice Ages like the last recorded one 14,000 years ago. All of these contribute to the loss of knowledge and advancement bringing I would guess mankind to a new beginning – a genesis so to speak.

How many times has knowledge been lost? How much of the remnants of that knowledge have been preserved? The remnants of knowledge have caused mythologies and many theories when perhaps it is as simple as humanity rising to the top and falling many times. The fall of the Sumerians, the fall of the Indus Civilization, the fall of the Ancient Egyptian Empire, the fall of the Roman Empire. The destruction of the libraries of Alexandria and the middle Ages known as the Dark Ages contributed to a great deal of knowledge being lost – the list goes on.

Anunnaki Part 6

21 Feb


An interesting symbol of antiquity which is still used today is the Medical Symbol. This symbol is described as being of a double snake wrapped around a sword or the double snake with wings at the top. This representation could easily be of the double helix of DNA.

DNA recognized as the double helix was only uncovered in the 1950’s. So this brings into question how in antiquity a medical symbol so precise could coincidently be identical to references of DNA and the bible.

Did the Anunnaki’s call themselves gods? Did they have the ability to genetically alter humanity by identifying DNA and its numerical component – the ratio 1.618 claimed to be found in DNA.

The monuments of ancient antiquity, as in the pyramids are remarkably close to the numerical ratio 1.618.

The knowledge of DNA must have been known in antiquity and perhaps by the Anunnaki’s. The snake and the sword are present in the Garden of Eden in the bible – The snake representing the devil or evil. Have you noticed D/EVIL is the same word – separated by one letter! And EVIL spelt backwards is LIVE. (Yes I am aware this is the English translation)

Was humanity considered evil but not in the sense as described in the bible but perhaps from the experiments at the hands of the Anunnaki which went wrong in their minds.

Perhaps humanity gained knowledge rapidly and beyond the control of the gods. This could be the reasoning when Adam and Eve ate the fruit of knowledge and they were thrown out of the garden. In the Garden of Eden, God placed the Winged Creatures and Flaming Swords to guard the tree of knowledge – Effectively holding knowledge hostage.  

The symbolism of the sword and snake dates back to ancient antiquity from known history as well as in the bible.

Did the Anunnaki have superior scientific knowledge? Humanity may have been primitive in comparison to the Anunnaki and received their knowledge from them. But it also shows that humanity had the ability to learn because they possessed basic intelligence. According to the Sumerian texts humanities rate of learning was quicker then the Anunnaki’s had expected. Perhaps this is the reason why the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden was held hostage.

Unfortunately what this means is that it was science from an alien or man made alien (meaning an advanced civilization in that time) world that created religion and the many franchises of belief systems. I will stand by science as the true essence of knowledge. From alien (whatever its origin) science, knowledge was distorted to create a mythology of religion for world domination. From the result of this ancient science, governments and religions have caused war, control and dictatorship upon earth. I consider this manipulation the same as individuals who have bastardized science discoveries for control and destruction. The Anunnaki can take credit for destroying the reputation of science and influencing humanity to do the same.

The question is – what is the origin of the Anunnaki?

Regardless of whether humanity was genetically altered by the Anunnaki or interbred with them – Earth is humanities home. The Anunnaki’s/the gods of antiquity are a hostile enemy who deliberately invaded humanity for domination. This seems to be consistent with both the bible and the Sumerian texts.

Food for thought!

Anunnaki Part 5

20 Feb

ImageAccording to some theorists, humans were used as slaves by the Anunnaki’s for thousands of years. They enslaved humans by manipulating bloodied wars and conflict. The story of Moses who aligns with Sargon the Great from Sumerian history confirms this detail.

Humans were used in battle and helped the Anunnaki construct their cities and huge monuments. These projects extended from Mesopotamia to Egypt, China, India and the Americas.

The Anunnaki’s claim humans were taught advanced knowledge in the way of mathematics, astrology/astronomy and ancient technology, according to the alleged texts. However, this contradicts archaeological evidence that the first pyramid architect in Egypt was a commoner and not of royal blood. If this is the case then parts of knowledge came from humanity.

Another comparison to consider is if the Anunnaki were masters of architecture and construction then why did it take so many attempts to perfect the pyramid? Prior to the Great Pyramid of Egypt there were many feeble or failed attempts to perfect this pyramid design. Therefore this area of knowledge was more than likely the efforts of humanity. According to the Sumerian Texts this population of people were very advanced in astronomy and this detail is evident in the line up of the pyramids.

If any of this is correct than the Anunnaki may have possessed advanced knowledge in science and astronomy but humanity seems to have possessed the remainder of abilities to construct the cities. Organizational skills, art and creative abilities also appear to be human qualities.

It maybe the Anunnaki needed the services of humanity to complete their mission on earth. The combination of science and astrology from the Anunnaki and the agricultural and architectural ability of humans probably made a good partnership to construct antiquity.

This aligns with the bible where it shows god was more concerned with war, invasion, conquering, destruction and murder.

Many authors have written that the Anunnaki Elite have been removed from earth by Humanity. Others disagree and believe that Anunnaki Remnants remain and have very much infiltrated society.

It is possible the Sumerian information exposed something unusual and possibility the truth of god – the Anunnaki who invaded earth and interned humanity into slavery.

This information really can’t be ignored. I agree there are many conspiracy theories circulating. From my perspective, the biblical texts are controlling the behaviour of many people. The biblical texts and the idea of god have caused and are still causing wars upon our earth. It is the massive control god dictates and the result of this power which is destroying our world. One point difficult to ignore, something is not right about our world.    

The bible identifies the use of alcohol and drugs amongst the chosen people and this influence is common today. Alcohol and drugs alter the chemicals in the brain and in many cases logical thinking. This would be a great way to penetrate humanity.

The continual mention of war and invasion saturates the Old Testament. The commencement of taxes and slavery amongst the people is shown in the time of Joseph. The recruitment of god’s army by bloodied means is detailed in the story of Moses and the Exodus. The Exodus was masterminded by god through Joseph’s earlier deed.

In comparison to our ancient history these details identify and single out one powerful influence – the gods of antiquity. These gods were tapered down to the god of monotheism.  

The inducement of alcohol and drugs can alter the perspective of reality and in a sense create an illusion of activities.

What is universally accepted is the earth has lived with violent wars, control, pain, suffering and many forms of slavery and discrimination! War has caused the tracking of people through identification which creates profiling. Restriction on travel is causing fingerprinting, retinal tracking and DNA sampling for identity. Collectively this is creating a universal control system, the danger system which could join with other nations to create a single control.

I can see why many people think this theory is possible but at the same time we must not discount humanity had a very advanced society which collapsed due to reckless mismanagement.

Anunnaki Part 4

19 Feb

ImageThis story begins to gain momentum as it unfolds. This theory as fascinating as it is has made me think. Not in a way that this information holds credit but something very curious happened in antiquity which hasn’t been uncovered.

This particular theory has held me hostage from my rational thinking.  And as an alternate thought process it allows the creative juices to pump.

So on with the story, the Anunnaki high officials decided to destroy the human species through a flood. This flood was predictable when the Anunnaki home planet came through the inner solar system on one of its periodic 3,600 year returns.

This flood happened in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) around 4000 BCE according to the Sumerian history.

This timing is neatly matching with the bible. Although the ancient texts mention the arrival of the Anunnaki’s around 400,000 years ago it appears they made their true presence known in line with historical and biblical information – This appearance being their genesis of genetic tampering.

Some of the Anunnaki’s who were part of the genetic merging were sympathetic to the humans. Many humans were saved like in the biblical story of Noah. Ark’s were built which enabled humans and animals to be saved. The story of the great flood of antiquity has been recorded in different parts of earth outside biblical and ancient Egyptian history.

After the flood, the bible mentioned the existence of people who were not from Noah as it did after Adam and Eve. The bible identified people who survived the floods were not only those of god’s creation. The bible constantly contradicted its own content. 

It is alleged ancient texts refer to the Anunnaki who exchanged their knowledge for the status of royalty over the people. This royalty brought about a governing rule upon earth – the dynastic period. This governing system of ruling still exists today.

I mentioned in earlier blogs there are two creation stories in the bible. The first one was the Seven Days of Creation and this aligns with Revelation with the First Living Creature who looked like a Lion. The Sphinx in the form of a lion body with the head of a Pharaoh has been left in Egypt from the ancients.

The first living creature said in a voice like thunder, “Come”. There was a white horse, its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown. He rode out as a conqueror to conquer.

The First Living Creature who looked like a Lion called out the First Horseman. It was a white horse whose rider held a bow, and was given a crown is the first of the Pharaoh/King’s from the arrival of the gods of antiquity where they rode out as a conqueror to conquer earth. The Pharaoh’s wearing their crowns conquered in antiquity.

This could be considered in line with the seven days of creation. This creation is separated by the Garden of Eden, the commencement of genetic alteration of humans to bring about a worship system of a single god and religion.

Ancient inscriptions report human civilization in Sumer, Mesopotamia was built by the gods of antiquity. Human kingship was commenced to provide a communication between humanity and the Anunnaki.

The Pharaoh’s of antiquity were consumed with the idea of immortality. Perhaps this influence originated from the Anunnaki who either lived extremely long lives or were considered immortal. The bible has documented ridiculously long life spans of the godly chosen people as with Noah who lived to 950 years. Such a life span has not been uncovered from human remains from antiquity.

The Anunnaki life span appears to be either very long or immortal. It is presumed gods do not die. And yet the huge godly appearance is not experienced today as it was in antiquity. The extraordinary life span of god’s chosen prophets in the Old Testament suggest these beings lived a life spanning hundreds of years but in the end they did die.

The reason for the original Anunnaki gods leaving planet earth is unknown. The Sumerian texts speak of many wars between the gods and perhaps this caused their retreat. The wars between the gods described in the Lament for Ur destroyed Ur around 2024 BCE.

The Pharaoh’s believed in the afterlife and connected this with stars in the sky. It is possible the Anunnaki took their people back to their own planet at death – The journey to the afterlife.

The Pharaoh’s who were humans were probably falsely promised eternal life. They built huge monuments and pyramids to glorify death and the afterlife. The working community also constructed small family pyramids in their settlements. This influence must have been very strong. 

The concept of the afterlife is active in both religious and alternate belief practices today and may stem from the influence of the Anunnaki’s. 

Another parallel is the winged creatures embossed on the Pharaoh’s gold sarcophagus. In the bible the winged creatures guarded god’s gold covenant box. This identifies the Pharaohs as the representatives of the gods of antiquity are the one and same as the gods of the bible.

Another comparison is the Pharaoh’s wore black eye makeup resembling or copying the black eyes of the alien greys – the Anunnaki.

The subject of the alien greys has always been fascinating. I have often wondered how this particular description commenced and how people are adamant they have encountered this same species. And yet by all appearances, the Pharaoh’s of antiquity seem to have mimicked their look by having their eyes blackened.