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The Mystery of the Pharaohs

30 Mar

ImageThe Pharaoh’s arrived mysteriously in history. Lack of information has robbed us of knowing how they rose to domination with so much power. How did they put their military together and convince them to murder and invade the lands?

History shows there was a constant struggle between the royalty of antiquity and the common people. On many occasions evidence shows the common people succeeded and failed like a rollercoaster.

The struggle between the common people of antiquity and the royals became so desperate that the royals had to be hidden at death. The sarcophagi of the Pharaoh Kings were placed in a valley where they could be protected by security priests from the non royal people. I think non royal sounds better than common – don’t you think?

The valley was chosen for its natural cliff formation that gave the guarding priests warning of anyone trying to damage or remove bodies from the resting place. It has been named – The Valley of the Kings.

The non royal population have left us evidence of their disrespect and disapproval by destroying many of the tombs. These people were called tomb raiders. The wealth of the Pharaoh Kings was buried alongside the sarcophagus. This was so the kings would be well provided for in the next life.

Information left from the time of the pyramid builders show they were a working community and not considered as slaves. They supposedly were provided for. But how do we really know how these people who laboured away to provide for their pharaoh were not passively disapproving of the opulence the kings enjoyed.

The tomb raiders robbed the riches – Riches which should belong to the people rather than a single obnoxious ruler. We have no idea if the people were disgruntled. Was it Greed or Necessity? – Thieves steal mostly because of these two elements. Many of the people were brilliant architects and knowledgeable builders. The people of non royal blood were intelligent. History shows there was constant unrest between the royals and non royals.

The reason why I am curious the non royals were not totally subservient to the pharaohs is because of their actions. The tomb raiders not only stole but they caused irreparable damage. Egyptian mummies had their faces smashed and others removed and destroyed completely, very few items escaped the damage. Many of the statues constructed in honour of these Pharaoh’s have had damage done to their faces; mostly their noses were chopped off. In my opinion, I wonder if it was to symbolize the prevention of them breathing life, perhaps in the afterlife.

It has often made me wonder why the ancients were so disrespectful to their kings. The plundering of the wealth, it was thought, was the objective of these grave raiders. But I have never understood why they would bother mutilating the mummies and the many monuments.

Another curiosity of mine, regardless of other people’s theories is the Pharaoh’s beard. In an era where artwork was depicted with accuracy; the beard always appeared false and out of place. Those mummies that have been recovered don’t show any evidence of this seemingly odd structure of a beard. Could this have been a gesture of peculiarity to indicate that these royals were questionable?

The people of Egypt wanted to destroy the kings because of their invasion into society. They treated the people as work animals. I can only guess the reason why they were given, at minimum, food and shelter as payment was to keep them from overpowering the system. Evidence of such revolts did occur – the bible speaks of the Exodus, as an example, although a lot of creative licence was employed in that tale.

The non royals of Egypt were huge in numbers and would have been a threat. To keep the people working, food and sheltered was their reward that kept them at bay. Evidence has also surfaced to suggest some people actually voluntarily came to work on the monuments for the king. I could only imagine if there was a limited choice to feed a family, then the sacrifice would have been made in the name of survival.

It still intrigues me why groups of people pushed the boundaries by robbing the tombs. The penalty was high for tomb robbers, if they were caught. To dismember the face of a mummy king only shows to me that these Pharaohs were a great threat to humanity.

Additionally as I have mentioned before in previous blogs there is a lot of comparison between the biblical descriptive content and that of the Pharaoh Kings who were the god representative. Their sarcophagi were laced with Gold Winged Creatures – The same description as the Gold Winged Creatures that guarded the covenant box. Flaming Swords and Winged Creatures guarded the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. And as I have said many times, knowledge was lost from antiquity. And just throw in a third comparison away from the bible and history is the black eye makeups warn by the Pharaohs. Was that as a representative of the god figure they represented and if so then why does it match what people consider the look of the alien grey?

Obelisks, Pyramids, Hieroglyphs and Messages

30 Mar

ImageIn Egypt Obelisks were placed in pairs at the entrance to Temples. A dominating reminder of the power held in antiquity. These Obelisks were heavily decorated with hieroglyphs that typically commemorated the lives of the many rulers from that time. Messages were also scribed showing the dedication to the godly Pharaoh Kings and their massive military gain.

The entry to ‘The Great Pyramid’ of Giza is north. From the entrance the pathway goes down to a subterranean passage. From the subterranean passage it then leads up to what has been named by archaeologists as the Queens chamber. Further along the Grand Hall it leads to the Kings Chamber. Inside the Kings Chamber is a shaft which appears to point outward and skyward. This shaft could be considered a passage pointing and matching the sky constellations in 10,500 BC. – The Age of Leo.

A major causeway was built from the Pyramid of Khafre to the Temple of the Sphinx. Ground monitors have located chambers hidden under the Sphinx. The Temple of the Sphinx is void of any hieroglyphics which only supports that it was perhaps built much earlier than speculated. It is possible it was constructed before any understanding of a god figure or domination. It may even represent that there was once a godless time that was of peace and harmony. The Great Sphinx shows water patterns indicating it is possibly much older than archaeologists have estimated its construction. The water marks represent a time line and the evidence of water in that particular location.

Further south of the Pyramid complex is the Osireion at Abydos. The ruin not only displays similar weathered patterns of water as the Sphinx but it also shares the lack of hieroglyphics that is absent in the Pyramids and the Temple of the Sphinx. The deterioration of the stone caused by water at both these sites indicates that they were already constructed during a time when Egypt supported a lush green countryside. Immediate ancient history only supports dry conditions.

There are many inconsistencies between written history and the evidence from history. The clash in information means history as we know it has been corrupted. Godly religions are partly responsible for many of the inconsistencies and with the information contained in the bible it presents a reason to delve. The bible has distorted a lot of information as equally as the history written by proud and obnoxious Pharaohs and the Kings of antiquity.

Stories of history have been glorified to fill the egos of powerful leaders.

Ancient Medical Evidence

29 Mar

Imagen 1862 an American travelling in the Middle East came across papyrus scripts in the market place containing medical evidence which dated back to the time of the pyramids. He recognized the importance of the scripts and after purchasing it brought them to America. He held onto the scripts untranslated as prize possession. His family, it seems, were not aware of its full importance. These old documents remained a family heirloom past down through the family. Eventually the importances of the scripts were realized and finally it was translated.

The ancient scripts detailed a list of procedures of traumas. The details were very extensive. According to the translation each trauma was examined, diagnosed and then a procedure set out with aspects of the body from head treatment working its way down the body.

Each detail would challenge today’s diagnostic and procedures. The details were astonishing, mostly because it was information known back in antiquity.

There was no evidence of magic or religion, but pure science. Interesting because there are many parts of history where religion or the use of magic was used instead of science. This document presented pure medical science without superstitions.

An example of how advance this information was is the heated treatment using copper was used to seal wounds – Simple, effective, productive with positive results.

The scripts displayed set medical procedures. This information did not display experimental stages or information about any learning processes but instead an accomplished procedure. Instead the material outlined a successful method for medical surgery. This additional evidence indicates that medicine flourished at the time of the pyramids in Egypt.

May I add; that skulls unearthed dating back to pre-history has evidence of brain surgery. At first it was thought that these skulls were part of a ritualistic ceremony but on closer examination has now been understood that this was advance brain surgery which mismatches with our previous idea of the past. Skulls which have been unearthed have shown where a perfect hole has been drilled or cut into the skull. Evidence showing repair tissues around these holes suggests the person lived after the procedure. This cancelled out ritualistic murder – And confirmed medical science, in the time of pre history being recorded.

Parallel to this medical sciences of antiquity are the evidence of barbaric godly religious ceremonies and superstitions of evil. Amongst all the evidence of medical sciences and medical procedures are barbaric procedures because people were misled to believe they were victims of god’s wrath. And we would think we have grown out of these dark ages superstitions and yet proper medical care is being denied to people today under the umbrella of god and faith healing.

It is sad when we have evidence antiquity got it right to then have evidence after that time knowledge was destroyed several times in antiquity and replaced by godly superstition. Even sadder some people still believe in these archaic traditions.

Ancient Physicians

28 Mar

ImageWe live in a technological age where we use computers and advance machinery and methods for the purpose of medical sciences.
It would seem almost impossible to think that back in the time of antiquity that advanced medical practices could possibly be entertained. Without our sophisticated medical equipment we use today how could medical doctors in ancient antiquity be able to practice adequately.

And yet archaeological discoveries confirm ancient physicians were well equipped. A tomb dated around 2000 BCE was discovered in Egypt. Inside the tomb was evidence that it belonged to a medical physician to the great palace of the king. Buried with this doctor were surgical instruments of a sophisticated level, the oldest of its kind in the world. The amazing part is that the design of those instruments would compete with the same designs used today.

Inside the medical practitioners tomb the walls were inscribed with medical descriptions. These medical descriptions cover a thorough understanding and procedures for most medical conditions. Procedures clearly laid out demonstrated how advance these medical doctors were. What happened to this knowledge? Why did much of what was practiced in antiquity have to be rediscovered and understood?

Archaeologists believe that the medical doctors were also titled as the Priests. In an unusual observation is the belief that medicine, science and religion were combined.

The sheer evidence of advance medical instruments found in the ancient tombs of Egypt confirms medical surgery flourished. Medical science represented knowledge. Godly religious believers objected to knowledge and science was considered evil. But evidence of medical sciences in ancient Egypt is beyond dispute.

People feared knowledge and perhaps because it represented an area of greatly misunderstood studies. It is easy to see how it became the target of god worshipers and an excuse to rid that knowledge – Because as the bible clearly reads, knowledge was banned in the Garden of Eden. And this can be confirmed in known history because much of the ancient knowledge was lost and had to be rediscovered.

Gold Cone Artefacts

26 Mar

ImageAn unusual discovery was made by archaeologists that could be considered evidence of advanced knowledge about the seasons.
These are Gold Cones that were found in Germany, France and Switzerland by archaeologists. It is interesting that these Artefacts of similar appearance and usage were uncovered in different locations giving rise to the thought that the usage of these items spread over a fair distance.
These Gold Cones are huge and stand as tall as a small person. And as the title suggest they are in the shape of a cone. Could you imagine uncovering such an item which displayed an area of knowledge from antiquity?
The Gold Cones could also be descriptive as the same look as a witch or wizard’s hat. Perhaps this is the origin of the witch’s hat design except for the colour.
These artefacts are huge and would actually be very difficult to wear. Worn, it would be difficult to read. The hat like design would have made a practical standing piece for observation.
There is a notion that these where worn by priests but I would hardly think so, purely by the size.
These Gold Cone hats from the Bronze Age display a Calendar of years, seasons and moon cycles. To have evidence of an object as distinct as the mapping of seasons makes the ancients masters of time. The usage of our current calendar dates back only over a thousand years and yet the Bronze Age had already mastered a calendar of that time. A calendar based on astronomy.
It would seem they understood how the information about the moon and sun designed the seasons and in turn ruled the cycle of life and nature. The ancients possessed a thorough knowledge of nature and understanding, without it would seem the technology we possess today.
To compare this information with the bible would highlight the importance of introducing Original Sin on mankind to remove them from this knowledge or any knowledge for that matter.
Those in possession of knowledge would have been strong. And having knowledge would make people more aware of the happenings around them. Those denied knowledge would make people vulnerable and easy to manipulate with superstitions. Superstitions create weakness. Weakness creates manipulation and self destruction. The road the world is travelling on today.

New Grange

26 Mar

ImageBuilt around 700 years before the Great Pyramid was a place known as New Grange, this was Europe’s most important passage graves… This location is considered as one of the worlds oldest Solar Observatory. Some religious thinkers prefer to label it with godly tones but it lacks any religious evidence. This wondrous site within the main chamber lights up by the mid winter rising sun once a year. This is a monument that stands with the Pyramids and Stonehenge. Graced with carved stone and mathematically constructed, it is a mound of earth, stone and rock in the shape of a small hill. Estimated by historians as around 5000 years old, this site confirms the ancients understood the sun movement. The angle and accuracy of the winter solace which is the shortest day. The moon is charted at the back of the structure which demonstrates the knowledge of astronomy.
Where the sun beams in through the opening of the monument on that shortest day, it strikes a blank wall which displays no carvings or symbols. Decorative circles occur on side walls, but not on the direct hit where the sun lands.
Wonderfully this disappoints the religious theorists because a direct link with a god cannot be established. That is because like many of the monuments of antiquity, gods and goddesses were not the centre of daily lives. Science and knowledge, laced with intelligence dominated the ancient world.
Every site that depicts astronomy is not a religious site. It is just that, an astronomy site at a very sophisticated level. We would prefer to deny the ancient ancestors their intelligence and call every monument constructed a place of worship or religious intent than to acknowledge the scientific mind and brilliance. This only reflects the influence religion has stamped on our minds today.
The line between worship and knowledge has been crossed. This would be no different today if our future were to uncover our relics and accuse us of worshiping the statue of Abraham Lincoln which is a statue of respect rather than a religious tone. It would probably humour our future that we still entertained superstitions of worship. Our fiction novels could even kick off the future’s impression of the past in which we live today.
Archaeologists have discovered that the barbaric areas of Germany, France and Britain were aware of astrology and science to build Stonehenge. This is not barbaric but intelligence. Stonehenge was a gateway to a powerful city that prospered with farming and knowledge. The interest should be to understand what destroyed this developing land rather than make excuses of worship. Unless it was worship that destroyed the developing minds.
Sheer skill and engineering built Stonehenge. Perfect surfaces, joints and locked in grooving. This was an architecturally planned site, mathematically balanced and astronomically aligned. The sheer labour would command leadership and organizational skills. This is not barbaric, this is pure untainted civilization. The pyramids around the world give the same organized skills and intelligence as does New Grange.
(This was supposed to be yesterday’s blog but my computer froze and I had to rely on a friend to post for me from my external drive, which is why yesterday’s blog was out of sequence.)

Menes, the first ruling human King

25 Mar

The first ruling human king over the whole of Egypt was a man named Meni or Menes. He was the first king of the first dynasty and tradition credits him with the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. He followed a long list of gods and demi-gods who ruled before him. He was not mentioned in any of the early dynastic period and he was not associated with any archaeological attested kings. The mystical rulers in the Turin King-list and cross referenced with the names listed in the first row of the Palermo Stone were that there was the existence of kings before Meni exhibiting a pre first dynasty. The Turin King list, lists the kings of the first five dynasties. During the first three dynasties the king was a living embodiment of the god Horus and from the fourth dynasty the king came to be the son of the solar god “Re”. The first dynasty was from 3000 -2800 BC.

Unearthed in a place called Hierakonpolis in the south of Egypt was a Palette dated to the early first dynasty or perhaps earlier. Upon this Palette shows the founding of several cities by a king who was symbolized by different animals. Among these animals was a scorpion, a lion, a falcon and a bull’s head.

The symbolism on the Palette was a clear use of imagery. The king was shown again and again as victorious over his enemies. On the front he was represented as a human overlooking the decapitated corpses of his enemy and breaking down the walls of a city in a military campaign. The Bull has been used to symbolize the strength of the King, the Falcon as a symbol of the king himself.

The central scene on the Palette’s front represents two men tying together the stretched necks of two animals.  The bodies of these animals look suspiciously like lions and even though their necks are stretched, their faces also look like that of lions. Many scholars have interpreted this symbol as the tying together of the Upper and Lower Egypt as one.

Take a look around the world and observe that these symbols are alive today particularly the Lion, Falcon and Bull’s head.


24 Mar

ImageParallel to the pyramid activities and an example of intelligence and knowledge away from Egypt is Stonehenge, meaning hanging stones, a megalithic monument on Salisbury Plain, England.  The site was developed over various periods from a simple Henge from 3000 BCE to 2100 BCE (dated by historians). This included thirty upright stones, their tops linked by lintel stones to form a continuous circle. This and many other monumental structures have left many scholars in awe. Because of our religious influence and mindset many have presumed many of the monuments of antiquity have religious and worship connections. This is an influence that has dictated that every relic unearthed of a fascinating and ornate tone must be an element of worship to the gods.

This is only a presumption as the religious influence came much later with the introduction of the Druids who claimed this site many generations after it was built.  Evidence has submerged to indicate this site in antiquity honours the Sun and Moon. Many theories abound that the female was represented by the moon and the male by the Sun. This site today would be regarded as a science facility.  A facility that did not adore or worship but instead studied and explored. The alignments are linked to astronomy mapping out the function of the Moon and Sun in order to reap its understanding.  Religion and Science stand on either ends of their debate so this would be a place where the orthodox have melted the two.

Knowledge was gained first, long before the religious interruption which then brought about superstitions. Religion mixed up knowledge and confused it with mysterious beliefs. Remove religion and knowledge becomes crystal clear. Religion dislikes logic because it removes the mystery. The mystery is what keeps the followers following. Religious domination infiltrated antiquity and science and technology became the direct enemy to religion.

Stonehenge was a science facility for agriculture, the understanding of the movements of the Moon and Sun explained the affects on the crops and was used to benefit and deliver the stability of civilization. Extended from Stonehenge was the city of that time. A further twenty kilometres is Avebury a complex Neolithic monument. The mounds with burial chambers date back to 3000 BCE considered built before Stonehenge. 

It is obvious by the remains of the burial chambers, individuals were recognized and honoured. Grave goods have been found from the start of the Bronze Age exhibiting wealth and craftsmanship with sophisticated artefacts that would suggest a cultured influence.

The respect for human life was so precious that the people in antiquity took the time to grace the ones they loved and admired with beauty and remembrance. It is a shame these beautiful statues and unusual items were instantly considered as items of worship rather than gifts for the deceased. 

Today when we honour and grieve for people who die, we express our feelings in many different ways. This does not need to have religious connotations. Antiquity was no different. To bury the one they love with beautiful artefacts was simply to honour the one who had gone. Religious connotations are our impression, our interpretations – perhaps theirs were just a way of expressing their feelings and grief.

Remove religion from the mind, and review the relics of antiquity again. You will begin to realize it is our religious godly influence that views these monuments with gods, goddesses and worship. 

Knowledge Gained and Lost

23 Mar

ImageMankind, as we have been told, went from the Ice Age to the Great Floods into a fully developed, intelligent pyramid building civilization with no evidence of evolution, and then later plummeted loosing much of the knowledge amidst war and human cruelty.  Today it is considered we don’t have human sacrifice anymore, but then we need to ask, what are wars, murder and destruction? 

We had a very advanced civilization in antiquity who were knowledgeable about the earth’s movement and who had organizational skills to build pyramids and structures around the world that reflected an ability that would challenge today’s level of accomplishments.  You can almost imagine that our civilization did survive the great floods of antiquity and then slowly started to rebuild humanity. What obstacle did they encounter which prevented them from continuing?  What caused the interference that halted mankind from the time of the pyramids to a lesser intelligence?

When you think about it, our ancestors should have been far less sophisticated than us today.  Evolution is considered a progress from the past and yet when you think about the tremendous knowledge required in building the pyramids with sophisticated details, it would seem antiquity was an advanced civilization.  Then mankind slipped backwards, before we once again accelerated forward to an age of knowledge, which is where we are at now.  Look at us today; we are entangled in war, destruction, control and fear.  This would appear opposite to what these myths and folklore of antiquity describe about the sea people, foreigners or educators, who tried to bring peace, but were overpowered and banished.  We need to honestly look at what our influence is today.  Around the world we are influenced in a moral sense by religion and yet we are murdering and judging people, like there is no moral guideline!

Mankind mastered great medical and scientific discoveries as well as mathematics and astronomy which was all documented in the great Library of Alexandria from the time of Alexander the Great.  After it was destroyed in the seventh century C.E., existence for humanity plummeted where everything had to be re-discovered.  By all appearances humans came out of an ice age then built these colossal pyramids with accurate co-ordinates that display advanced architecture, mathematics and astronomy, with no obvious sign of evolution.  Then in hindsight we can observe an almost reverse evolution where we became hostile and less knowledgeable.  The gradual climb to return us back to advance knowledge displayed in antiquity has led us to danger and destruction rather than the wealth of advancement which we should be enjoying.  The question is why?

Nasca Lines

22 Mar

ImageThe Nasca (Nazca) Lines in Peru have been a subject of many discoveries. The prints have been on the surface for many years but it was only since an aircraft flew over this area that the many pictorial discoveries were made. Once the aerial discovery was made a land search began. Detailed images of animals and people had been drawn on the ground and left unnoticed for a very long time.

The discovery of a drawn spider and it’s intricate details has been identified – details which could only be observed under a microscope and yet this detail is marked out in the drawing, this has puzzled scientists how such intricate details could have been known back in antiquity. 

Most of these drawings were used as ceremonial religious sites.  Even though other interests have suggested that 30% are aligned astronomically and 30% were positioned identifying water channels which tunnel below the surface and is aligned with the 2000 year old aqueducts, which are still used today.  These drawings are huge and from the ground they are not identified in complete detail until you actually fly over them.  Similar drawings have been found in North America, South California in the foothills.  The drawings are smaller but they are human and animal figures.  There, they insist this is purely ceremonial sites for the gods of creation who saved them from the rising waters.  The drawings of the human figures with arms stretched are representative of these gods.

Some people think they indicate landing pads for space crafts because of their visibility from the sky, when you think of the size of these drawings, especially in Nasca, anything is possible.  Except these would be unusual markers as landing pads, the drawings are of a massive Bird, Fish, Monkey, Whale, Balloons and Humans … thousands of them.  There are also about 40 pyramids in Cahuachi in the Nasca area that haven’t even been excavated.  The Nasca people of antiquity were Astronomers, Engineers and Farmers.  Later they were head-hunters leaving behind thousands of prize head trophies and evidence of human sacrifice, although there is no evidence to suggest any rituals were done on those lines.