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Ancient Astrology

31 Aug

The origin of astrology can be found in many cultures. Simply put ‘Astrology’ – is the mapping of the solar system and its interpretation… This is very straight forward.

But the extension of this observation of the stars has created a multitude of belief systems.

My feelings are the ancients knew the stars were the stars and the sun was the sun and the moon was the moon. They were very intelligent people who constructed awesome monuments using mathematical and astrological components. Their organizational skills would have been in peak form to accomplish what they did.

Perhaps these celestial bodies were celebrated rather than feared as gods. Maybe it wasn’t worship but perhaps admiration for the natural elements they provided. This could be considered as romanticizing the elements of the universe.

In mythology the carvings show adoration of the Sun. The Sun considered a life force, bringing warmth and a main source of survival. The Sun became the most adored object of time.

The Sun rose in the morning and slept at night. The Moon governed the night sky allowing for many stories to be created. By some appearances it would seem the Moon held victory over the Sun at night and the Sun regained power over the Moon in the day.

The Sun was widely worshipped in many cultures. Ra was known as the Sun god. However the Sun was not recognized by all cultures as a godly object.

In many cultures Horus was the god of the sky. Horus’s father was Osiris who was killed by his brother Seth. Isis used a spell to bring him back to life for a short time so they could have sex in which they conceived Horus. Horus does not appear to have died; he later merges with the Sun god Ra.

In Egyptian mythology the goddess of the sky was Nuit or Nut meaning Night. In some cultures Set was considered as the Night god. Set was also the god of the desert because Horus cut off one of his testicles and he became infertile like the desert. Set was not considered evil in antiquity until around 100 CE; the Romans turned Set into a demonic figure.

The Stars glowing in the night sky were documented by the ancients. The formation of the Stars was called Constellations. The ancients were able to record Eclipses from the Sun and the Moon. Full Moons were noted and these established twelve cycles – eventually called months.

What about the alien theories?

31 Aug

There are many alien theories around. And aliens have also been included in many belief systems – rather a scary thought.

I am not suggesting one way or another about aliens only that they have become a following in itself. In some systems it is believed there is a cooperation of aliens from other planets. These aliens have formed an alliance with many planets including earth.

I really wish if these aliens are making all this fuss they would do so openly and not behind theorists’ doors. I think life forms probably do exist elsewhere – I am just not convinced in the deep and secret way some people have suggested. I do think, however, the bible could be the source of this idea of aliens – up there with the god conceptual idea.

Supposedly, according to some theorists, there are good aliens and bad aliens – The white and dark forces. The dark forces or bad aliens are the ones behind many of the controlling governments and people holding high positions around the world. The white forces or good aliens are working toward saving mankind.

The bible has the same concept with god supposedly being the good guy and Satan or the devil being the evil character. As in ‘The Book of Job’ in the Old Testament God and Satan are buddies having bets on Job. A point which many people miss is that no where in the bible do God and Satan have a falling out. Equally – there is no proof that the good aliens are telling the truth about their relationship with the bad aliens.

I thought a bit of weekend creative licence was in order to make decoding the past a little more fun.


30 Aug

The world is full of belief systems based on myths – Of unknown knowledge from the past suddenly surfacing after thousands of years. There are New Age Masters who are privileged with information from these sources. There are those who deem themselves authorities about death and the afterlife. There are systems of dimensions, of levels of existence and so forth.

I have attended meetings of this sort for almost twenty years and am in awe of the amount of gullible people who follow. Everything is okay provided you don’t ask too many questions. I have managed to stay below the radar of detection for many years.

I have however tempted fate by asking forbidden questions. My favourite is how they come across their mysterious information. Usually the answer is a quote from a higher master. When I ask where the higher master receives this information I am told it is written in sacred texts. When I ask who wrote the sacred texts and how these higher masters accessed them I get a run around of answers, nothing direct. I am still yet to source the origins of many followings.

Information is sometimes received through automatic writing and others hear voices. Some masters have guides or contacts with the spirit world.

The latest trend to Spiritualism is the shift from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension and higher. This involves a higher vibration of the spiritual individual.

There are many versions to this scenario. Supposedly you are to be enlightened and be of calm, loving and spiritual in mind. The connection between your self and higher self will connect you to this vibrational transference to the higher dimensions.

This higher dimension will bring you to the next level of existence or consciousness. Followers are to be aware of an End that will bring a bright light upon the spiritually minded. This will hold you in a place of evolution to continue your enlightened journey.

Those people who are not spiritually minded will be left behind and ultimately be destroyed.

Many of these systems are mind controlling and very frightening.

Changes in the Past

28 Aug

Cooperative living would have changed the physical appearance along the evolution process. Sculls became thinner having less need for protection. Stress levels would have dropped with fewer threats to survival. This drop would have changed the chemistry in the brain. Language, cooperation, community living would have led to a peaceful society. Inventions shared, knowledge gained, creative ability would have extended artistic growth and ideas. The brain an infinite tool continued to evolve with knowledge and handed down. The human evolution of knowledge continued to grow.

In Australia footprints have been discovered that date back 20,000 years indicating people existed in harmony with nature and lived a healthy lifestyle.

A discovery was made in Flores an island off Indonesia of a species of human called the ‘Hobbit’. It is disputed whether it is from the Homo erectus or a pygmy version of modern human. It is a female adult one meter tall and has been dated to around 16,000 BCE. With these remains were sophisticated blades, tools and instruments and maybe language.

Some stages of discovery are Palaeolithic (2.7 million BCE), Mesolithic (8000 BCE), Neolithic (4000 BCE), and the Bronze age in (2000 BCE). We can only estimate the end of the last ice age was around 14,000 years ago.

Take note, this is not in reference to apes. Apes and chimpanzees are clearly a species of their own which are a franchise of humans.

With information regarding the past there is no evidence of god. It seems at some point the bullies of society took control of the timid and gained power over the people. At some point the evolution scale brought in the inception of god.

Evidence in the bible shows God came around 6,000 years ago.

There is a trail of information regarding the gods of antiquity. These appear to have stemmed from the gods and demi gods to the first human god known as Menes. The actual timing is scatty but at best can be shown to be during the pre dynastic period of Egypt. The dynastic period in this work is around Egyptian godly mythology. This mythology no matter how it is understood is still largely unknown. In the scheme of things pictorial information and scribed clay tablets have surfaced and opinions and ideas have flourished.

Mythology rained around earth with similar ideologies to Egypt. Evidence of carvings in caves dating close to these mythological times did trigger something was happening. There was a power struggle and a need for dominance.

Whether the results of these happenings were from induced drugs or strange customs is open for debate. The brain is easily sabotaged when under the influence of narcotics and trance like states. The Old Testament has recorded drugs and alcohol. It wouldn’t be hard to manipulate an unknowing population with such tactics.

Evidence of the Past

27 Aug

Around 70,000 years ago the human species almost became extinct, during what was called the Great Squeeze. A major natural element of the earth occurred narrowing the human population down. This may have been a volcano. Sheer survival would have pushed the limits of intelligence.

The great squeeze which may have been a volcano may have pushed humanity on a quantum leap; the mind began to advance in the process of decision making. Language would have occurred through sound and the need to communicate.

The discovery of a cave in southern Africa shows evidence of non – survival items as well as a civilized existence dating back 50,000 years. At the entrance were a camp fire, a comfortable sleeping area, and an eating section. Tools were of a high standard perfected to detail, displaying a sense of pride. It is located on the coast which allowed the diet to include seafood. Seafood gives power to improving the brain, assisting with the development of higher intelligence. Patterns on stone were found along with ancient art. 50,000 years ago they organized their cave for comfort, decoration and pride turning human existence toward a civilized lifestyle.

Carvings have been uncovered in Europe dating back about 40,000 years.

Humans separated from the animal kingdom and developed away from the violence of threats for survival and toward civilization creating peace from language. A theory of change is that the timid would have overpowered the persecutors. This is a method where the timid were of a greater number and would team up against the oppressors outnumbering and outing them. This coalition of the timid would become selective toward the genes and cast against the bullies, creating a rise in groups which progressed to become compatible societies. This would lead to a peaceful existence weeding out the reprobates. This brings about the expression the timid will rule the world – perhaps a lesson we can learn!


26 Aug

Parallel species of similar design roamed the earth. One outlived the other to merge along the road of evolution over 800,000 years. Every human-like fossil tells a story of a journey through the variations of species. No evidence of violence has been depicted in the remains and generally exhibits a reasonable harmonious existence.

It must be considered with all the variations of human species in ancient times, they may have interbred to create new versions of humans. These new versions or various existing species of humans could be considered the ancestry of the blacks, whites, Asians, Indians and so forth. There appears to be no single version of modern human. In other words no human species is superior. Humanity continues to interbreed between nationalities to this very day.

Bones discovered in Africa lead to the understanding of a giant version of the human. Nicknamed Goliath, it dates back to 700,000 years ago leading to the modern human. At the same time large animals would have roamed the lands. Spear throwing for survival kept them evolving. Over a half million years ago a second Neanderthal human must have left Africa. Some believe they were the first to colonize Western Europe. Evidence has been found in France of more humans, indicating the use of rocks to build shelter due to a lack of caves.

A site in Mexico turned up evidence from our human tree dating back 250,000 years.

In northern Spain a colony of thirty Goliath’s: men, women and children appear to have died together. Erectus seems to have evolved to Goliath and then approximately 200,000 years later we have the modern human.

In a cave in Africa, shells have been uncovered that may indicate the wearing of jewellery. This exhibited a giant leap into aesthetics, starkly distant from pure survival. These beads are dated back 75,000 years, the oldest jewellery ever discovered in Africa, much earlier than many scholars had thought.

Challenging the concept of God

25 Aug

Many ancient discoveries indicating the Homo Sapiens existed earlier than orthodox belief is very often suppressed like in Texas where modern human footprints 16” long were discovered beside dinosaur tracks, thus dating it back 100 million years. Also a fossilized finger complete with nail dates back 135 million years.

Fossils left over time bring stories of discoveries from Africa of many stages of human development. There have been species that have gradually evolved on to other species – Such as the ‘Homo Habilis’, which died out around one and a half million years ago. Then there is the ‘Neanderthal’ and the ‘Homo Erectus’.

Erectus fossils have been found in Georgia dating back to one and three quarter million years ago. Their journey shows evidence toward developing the human mind. Travel, adaptation and survival are traits of intelligence. They have left remains of rock tools used for throwing, displaying a skill of development – tools for survival. They have shown the ability of taking charge of their environment with the use of varied tools. The distance required to travel from Africa to Europe would have conditioned them for endurance, travelling thousands of miles through desert, jungles and mountains.

The discovery of caves has shown remains of camp fires over a million years ago. This shows an ability to control a situation. This has extended into cooking which changed the presentation of the diet in turn changing the appearance of the skeleton. This would fine tune the brain extending ability. They also grew taller and began to stand more erect.

About a million years ago this movement shows the basis of rising above nature to master and utilize the elements.

The Erectus came down similar to the human ladder with the same structure as modern human – the first early humans known to leave Africa heading north onto Turkey and then to Europe. This showed an ability to survive and adapt displaying an early learning stage of intelligence.

There is no information in the bible regarding human development.

Pre God

25 Aug

I want to commence by saying, we will never truly know completely what happened in our ancient past. Everything is guesswork put together by opinionated evidence. Even so it is an interesting topic and our adventurous nature will always want to know answers. The blunt truth is we will never know all the answers. Even history is recorded from the opinion of people – and opinions vary. The winners in history have recorded events from their victorious point of view and this is not necessarily the truth. With this in mind nothing can be assumed as conclusive.

The inception of god in antiquity is difficult to pinpoint. It can be established, however, that god was not always part of existence. The emergence of god can be isolated. This can be found in the pre-dynastic period of Egypt. This emergence is also found in many other cultures in different ways around the same time.

Since earth can be dated millions of years prior to the pre-dynastic period then there is an obvious transition from pre god to the inception of god.

The obvious evidence of godly civilizations can be traced back to around 13,000 years ago heralding in an organized society based on Pharaohs and Emperors on a large scale. It is this obvious inception that matches with what many observers call astrology.

Prior to this godly time is evidence of existence in tribal or small communal groups. At some point evolution went from hunters and gatherers to a more structured existence.

On a sliding scale archaeologists have uncovered many variations of our ancient human past from different fields of study.

The bible which sadly too many people take for fact, show god appeared around six thousand years ago. You don’t need a calculator to work out the arrival of god falls short of the 13.6 billion years since the Big Bang or as some people would like to suggest the commencement of our solar system. I am a supporter that there was something before the Big Bang, because how could the bang occur if there was nothing there to set it off.

We can arrive at a lot of information which pre dates god from uncovered finds. Although I said we will never truly know our past, there is a lot of scattered debris from antiquity which allows us to paste together a theory.

Mythology and Science

24 Aug

The very idea there are so many belief systems in the world challenges god’s creatorship. If god is everything he claims to be then there would be no atheists proving him wrong. Errors place god as a fraud.

God and religion is the driving force behind many opinions today. As much as many people will argue this point, spiritualism is a product of this influence. The godly self or life force of universal connection through spiritualism is still addressing a mythological inheritance from antiquity.

Spiritualism, copied from religious influence, has detached itself from organized dogma. It is the discovery of the self. In other words it is when people finally ‘get it’ about life. Understanding the depth of oneself comes with time for everyone and not a spiritual phenomenon. The derailing of oneself has been caused by religious domination from birth. Spiritualism is when this domination is realized. I am not criticizing the efforts of Spiritualist only suggesting that using the word ‘Spiritualism’ is borrowing from religion e.g. an evolution of the holy spirit of god. In the end it is still a system of belief – although a positive one.

A true atheist abolishes all systems. But this is not about the atheist community; instead this is about the world we live in today – Mythology versus Truth.

Mythology and trends have taken a hold over many people causing a blockage from reality. There is no science in mythology or trends as many people will suggest – only false identifications. They are not compatible. Many belief systems suggest myths and science can both co-exist. This is because mythology cannot stand on its own – science can. Science is ever growing and not limited. And because something cannot be explained doesn’t mean an answer does not exist. This means we have not progressed enough in knowledge to answer all questions.

The time line of our history has shown how discoveries have increased understanding. Genetics is better understood since the uncovering of DNA and this has only happened in the last fifty years or so (although the research into DNA dates earlier). We are still in the infancy stage of our understanding of life. Science and only science will advance our knowledge and ultimately debunk ancient superstitions.

We live in a technological age where research and information is exploding toward a greater understanding. The future holds an exciting challenge for the people of earth to uncover.

Man made Gods and man made Aliens

22 Aug

Genetics – This is a favourite topic of mine. I am not an authority on the subject but then again I’m sure there is not anyone who truly is. It is a subject of continued discovery.

Genetics and our origin is a fascinating topic. I will make myself clear from the onset I do not subscribe to the Genesis in the biblical theory. I think in science and reason.

I have filled many blogs of inventions and knowledge from the past and information regarding a lot of it being lost. I have done this on purpose to a small extent because I wanted to state my case of knowledge in antiquity and what really went on.

It is true we will never truly know what happened. We have evidence and we have theories. The bible is rather one of the most ridiculous theories but for the many people of ancient times who didn’t know better it was easy to sell. As for today, well I struggle to understand why any educated person can possibly fall victim to those stories. It is hard to express that opinion of mine nicely.

I want you to consider something for me. God is a man made concept, there is no evidence god exists. And don’t bother with the argument that I have to prove he doesn’t exist because something has to have evidence of it existing to be proven it doesn’t. So it comes to you have to prove god exists – and that can’t be done beyond fairytales and an outdated book and manuscripts.

But what about ‘Aliens’ so here is a sticky subject? Were aliens as we understand them today actually created by man just like god? Perhaps any true alien, if they are visiting or have come here are probably not to the description which Ufologists think.

Mm so what am I saying here? Did mankind create the ‘alien greys’ and this is different from any life which may or may not exist on another planet. I am not that arrogant that I could think we are the only living life form in the universe. The possibility of life forms elsewhere is probable. What I am suggesting is – the aliens which have been most publicized could have been created/invented on this planet the ancestors. Perhaps by a very advance society, from a knowledge base that was destroyed.

I have made a mention in my previous blogs about the medical symbol of the double snake with the winged creatures/sword which was a medical science symbol of ancient antiquity being still used today. This has tickled my curiosity. Because that symbol particularly the double snake is also representative of the double helix of DNA

In a strange way, the bible indicates this possibility. It is possible the god/alien invention is one of the same. This is something a huge population believe. In my thinking, a lot of it is probably the result of ignorance from uneducated people who were suppressed from knowledge. As in Jesus’ supposed time – his followers were ignorant and uneducated which made them easy targets as followers. The educated dismissed the biblical claims – as I do. The church claim the reasoning for the gospel stories in the New Testament being written hundreds of years later was because the followers were ignorant – very convenient and yet it explains a lot.

I mentioned some time back that I uncovered something in the Old Testament in Solomon’s temple. That in order for me to share this with you – you will need paper pen and a ruler/measure. I will now be heading toward this information.

I have covered a lot of evidence of knowledge and I have done this on purpose, next I want to do a lot of comparison between the bible and known history. This is not to prove the bible is right but instead to prove there were some very highly educated people in antiquity that may have made a mockery of the religious godly system. In doing so planted a mathematical picture which coincidently has a surprising outcome.

In order to come to these findings I had to open myself to understandings outside my thinking in as a neutral way as I possibly could – A very tricky task.