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Happy 2015 and a wonderful New Year

1 Jan

A New Year gives us a chance for a great new start. It allows us to put together our lives with a marker of moving forward.

Can you imagine a world of love and happiness where there is no fear or hatred? – A world of peace and kindness, of equality, of tolerance. Then if you think this would make for a great world then let’s make it happen.

We do not need to be preached upon of what is good and what is evil but instead we need to know that we intuitively know what is good and what is not.

We are ready for change. Fear and radical dominance has governed our lives for too long. We need to have more equality, knowledge and rational thinking which will bring about informed and sensible thinking.

Mythology belongs in history, now it is time to make 2015 a new beginning and a time to step into a new future of exploration and discovery.

Make 2015 a time of positive change where fear is eradicated and those people who cause war and destruction are brought to an end