Titan D.6.27

26 Jun

Titan is really interesting. Titan has a very thick atmosphere. It has ongoing erosion. It is a sort of a yellowish, hazy ball. And if you look at wavelengths other than visible light, you can penetrate that haze, and what you see underneath is that there’s this striation. You get lighter areas and darker areas underneath. And if you drill down even more, what you find is that those darker areas may be oceans. A sequence of what appear to be lakes on Titan. And these are not lakes of water, these are perhaps oceans, these are lakes of hydrocarbons – In other words, lakes of gasoline and lakes of carbon fuel. So you could get on your boat, and you could pull your gasoline straight out of the lakes of Titan as you motor around.

Titan is a fascinating planet, with its hydrocarbon lakes to check out. A little farther out, at Neptune, we have Triton, which was apparently a captured moon of Triton. And it shows some very interesting active geological activity. Now it might be a little surprising that you go that far out in the solar system, where it’s quite cold, and yet you find active geological activity. Not from rocks but from methane, from ices, things along those lines. And even though it’s very cold, it’s not that cold relative to ices in other sorts of liquid like methane. And so you can drive very active geological processes by not having rocks, but by using ices and hydrogen compounds.

A frosty looking Triton and what looks like to be geysers of methane. And then the darker plume that they leave primarily on one side, indicating that Triton probably has some wind patterns that is blowing the geysers coming off from some of those plumes on Triton.

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