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The Position of the Moon D.9.1

31 Aug

When you look up in the night sky do you often wonder where the moon is positioned? It appears to just float around up there but in actual fact it does have its place.

It can be inferred that the moon is between the Earth and the Sun. This is due to the Celestial spheres – the crescent phases of the Moon.

Sunrise D.8.31

30 Aug

On this planet we have a lot of activity happening above us. From an astronomical observation our daily sunrise is a beautiful moment we can watch daily.

From this astronomical observation it is that the sun rises due east on the day of the equinoxes.

Comet D.8.30

29 Aug

Among the many bodies out their in the universe is another random phenomenon.

This is a body which is a relatively small and ice-rich object that orbits a star. This object is called – A comet

A Star D.8.29

28 Aug

The universe is made of many bodies. These objects range from planets to stars, asteroids and so on.

But let’s look at one particular participant. It is a large, glowing ball of gas that generates heat and light through nuclear fusion in its core, this special object is a Star.

Astronomical Unit D.8.28

27 Aug

Distance in the universe is sometimes difficult to imagine. But there have been methods introduced as markers. For instance is the astronomical unit.

The average distance between the Earth and the Sun – One astronomical unit (AU)

Orbiting Moon D.8.27

26 Aug

There are many bodies out there in the universe. The neighbourhood of the solar system has a lot of litter. It is once this litter begins to clear that the many objects take their place.

So where is the place of the moon? It is an object that orbits a planet – A moon.

Light Year D.8.26

25 Aug

Let us delve into the world of trivia for a bit and clear up a few items of interest. The first is how far is a light year?

This is a simple question because we hear the term often enough but do we all truly understand its distance.

A Light year is about 10 trillion kilometres. Quite a mind blower don’t you think!