Archive | December, 2016

Expanding Universe D.12.31

30 Dec

Galaxies move randomly within the Local Group, but galaxies beyond the Local Group are moving away from us. More distant galaxies are moving away faster, which tells us we live in an expanding universe.

Rotation D.12.30

29 Dec

The spinning of an object about its axis – Rotation

Orbit D.12.29

28 Dec

The motion of one object around another – Orbit

The Observable Universe D.12.28

27 Dec

Comparable to the number of dry sand grains on all the beaches on Earth, the observable universe contains roughly 10^22 stars.

Power of the Sun D.12.27

26 Dec

The Sun and its gravity dominate the Solar System.

A feature of planet Mars D.12.26

26 Dec

Which of the following is a feature of planet Mars? It has ice caps made up of carbon dioxide and water

The Festive Season on ‘The Perfect Position’ in the Universe D.12.25

24 Dec

Earth is the only planet with oxygen to breathe and an ozone layer that protects life on Earth from solar radiation.

Happy Holiday Season

Vector D.12.24

23 Dec

Speed is a number, whereas velocity is a Vector.

A Person’s Weight on the Moon D.12.23

23 Dec

In Earth’s gravitational field, if a person’s mass has a weight of 100 lbs, the difference in the weight of this mass on the surface of the Moon is 6 times less.

Emmy Noether D.12.22

21 Dec

Emmy Noether stated that symmetry implies conservation.