The Fragmentation of Europe D.17.11.27

26 Nov

The nomadic invasions and collapse of the Western Roman Empire led to a fragmentation of European and Mediterranean society, a fragmentation that exists to this day.
After the fall of Rome there were three successor civilizations, each existing in a certain degree of isolation from the other two.
There was the eastern Roman Empire, now known as the Byzantine Empire. It’s capitol in Constantinople was by far the largest and wealthiest city in Europe. Like Rome on which it was modelled, Constantinople had aqueducts, forums, baths, a hippodrome for chariot racing, Imperial palaces, and gorgeous churches. Moreover, Constantinople was built on an impregnable site surrounded on three sides by water, and on the fourth by the largest city walls built until that time.
Despite a state of almost constant warfare with surrounding states for a period of a thousand years, Constantinople only fell twice, once to Christian classic crusaders in 1204 CE, and once finally to the Ottoman Turks in 1453.
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