Human Migration D.18.08.05

4 Aug

Human migration has been our trait since our species left Africa. It is seeming for many reasons of invasion and domination, we continued in antiquity.
Our species has travelled extraordinarily long distances – we became familiar with the world around.
At the other end of the scale for a peasant growing up on a farm somewhere you probably didn’t know a whole lot about the world around you beyond your neighbourhood, and a day or so’s travel from your home.
For instance, if you were living in a French village that you were part of a community called the French, but you might not know where Paris was, you might have seldom heard of it.
As a farm peasant you certainly would never travel there or think of traveling there. This is how many locals lived.
This has been the framework for civilization, those who have migrated and those who remain in their neighbourhood.
Decoded Series


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