Making a Will C.18.08.08

7 Aug

Making a Will is a horrid thought but a necessity. If you have assets it is a good idea to be clear about who should receive those assets.
No one likes to do a Will because it means death and yet it is a very sensible if not disturbing thing to do.
Family can be the most vicious when it comes to the assets of the deceased member of the family – people will fight over what they want. It seems there is no decorum when it comes to making a claim. Friends will often come forward with absurd claims let alone crying family members who insist on taking something.
I know once you are dead, well you are dead, and you will not know or care what happens, but it is a comfort while you are alive to know what you have goes to the people you want to receive.
Be smart, regardless of your age, make a Will, death does not discriminate when it comes to age.
Happy Celeritism


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