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The Beginning of the 100 Year War D.18.11.19

18 Nov

It began in 1337 and ended in 1453 and it was a war between the Plantagenet kings of England and the kings of France over which of them would rule France.
The war was fought entirely in France even though it was a war always between the French and the English.
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100 Year War D.18.11.18

17 Nov

There was the Hundred Years War between France and England, and the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks.
It was the Battle of Crecy from 1346. This was one of the first battles of the Hundred Years War between England and France, and Hundred Years War is actually not an exaggeration.
The war actually went on in one way or another for about a hundred and 20 years.
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Joan a Hero D.18.11.17

16 Nov

Many historians agree that Joan of Arc played an active role. When Joan appeared while the city was being besieged and helped to break the siege, the image of a young girl in male battle armor was startling enough to the British troops, that it did actually help from a French military point of view.
Joan was grievously hurt in the Battle of Orleans. But she managed to spring to life again. And the image of the bleeding Joan continuing to lead the troops, while she wore her white armor and unfurls her white banner with the Fleur-de-lis, the symbol of France, was beginning to galvanize the entire country.
The part of the country that was not under English control. Orleans was a triumph for Joan.
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The Image of Joan of Arc D.18.11.16

15 Nov

The image of the young girl in battle armor carrying the white flag, served to inspire a lot of very, very tired male fighters, who were moved by the site of this young girl willing to give herself up for France.
Orleans was laid siege to, was besieged by the English General Thomas Montague. There were conflicting reports exactly on how important Joan’s role was in breaking the British siege of Orleans.
Historians claims that Joan was more important as a symbol than as a military bulwark.
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Joan and her Courage D.18.11.15

14 Nov

Joan of Arc attracted negative attention by dressing like a man. Joan specifically wore a male armour.
At the age of 17, in the year 1429 early in the year, she demanded an audience with the embattled French King, Charles the seventh.
He refused to receive her at the beginning but she insistent and managed to convince Charles and in fact his entire council of advisers that she was the one to help lead the charge on the city of Orleans.
Strangely enough, the King believed her. She was odd enough and perhaps, convincing enough to get his attention.
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The Hundred Year War D.18.11.14

13 Nov

France in 1412 was in the middle of fighting something that was called the Hundred Years War, which actually lasted a little bit longer than 100 years.
In 1412, much of France, actually most of northern France and the entire area that we now call Burgundy, was under the control of the English, and it very much seemed as though England was going to overtake all of France.
It was in that time a young girl called Joan says that the voices of Michael the Archangel and Saint Catalina were telling her to free France.
At that point, Joan stopped dressing like a woman and began to dress like a man. In the early 15th century for a woman to dress like a man, constituted a sin in the eyes of the Inquisition, again, that very orthodox and extremist institution. This supposedly rooted out heresy in the Catholic world, and often turned as a tool against Catholics themselves when they disagreed with certain political aims.
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Joan of Arc Part 3 D.18.11.13

12 Nov

There was a tragic story, the tragic but yet very triumphant and inspiriting story of Joan of Arc.
The Inquisition was used by the French and by the English for completely political means. Just as it was done in Spain and Portugal.
Joan the maid, as she was called. Was born in the small village of Domrémy, in the year 1412. When she was 16, she came forward and told her parents and her priest that for the past three years she had been having spiritual visitations and hearing voices, which belonged specifically to Saint Michael, the archangel.
He was a medieval cosmology generally represented as a symbol of military might, going back to the original Old Testament imagery, in which Mikha’el as it’s called in Hebrew.
Michael the Angel always represents avenging military might. And Saint Catalina, a very famous martyr, who Joan claimed was also speaking to her and telling her, that the time had come to free France.
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