The Celebration of Agincourt D.18.12.03

2 Dec

Agincourt was one of the great military victories of England. It was celebrated hundreds of years later by Shakespeare in his play Henry V, with that speech about the band of brothers, and we few, we happy few.
The few English that defeated the many French. And it served as a kind of rallying cry for the English ever since.
They went back to memorialize Agincourt during World War Two when they were looking for evidence that they would be able to stand up to the much larger force of Nazi Germany.
And in England, it became a moment of glory even though, it wasn’t particularly glorious at the time.
The French were basically slaughtered, but still what happened in 1415 was that Henry, having defeated the French decisively at Agincourt decided it was time to move to expand his control over France and he allied himself with the Burgundians.
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