Three forms of the Plague D.18.12.22

21 Dec

There were three forms of the disease. Bubonic infection of the lymphatic system, it was about 60% fatal. Pneumonic respiratory infection was about 100% fatal. And then septicaemic infection, which was of the blood, 100% fatal.
People tried to protect themselves by carrying little bags of herbs and flowers. Which they would cover their noses with in, order that they would not breathe in the disease, because they felt the air was infected.
The individuals with Bubonic plague would experience great swelling or buboes throughout their body.
One of the treatments to actually try and get rid of the buboes would be known as leeching. Where if you had any of these swellings on your body, a doctor would then lance the bubo. They would cut it open, they would allow the pus to seep out. And they felt that draining of that pus would help heal the disease.
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