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In the Beginning 1.3 18/1/19

18 Jan

1.3 Juggling ideas and thoughts of what caused the Big Bang to Bang has and will cause numerous debates. Until evidence of some residue of a previous existence comes to light this question will linger. The paradox remains whether convincing evidence can be sought.
The Big Bang cannot be unquestionably the beginning of everything especially because we have such limited knowledge of the universe and its activities.
Assuming the possibility of a previous universe existing before our universe was born questions what could have happened? Was our universe the result of a supernova or a black hole folding into itself into a situation which resulted into an enormous explosion, one of which residual elements became the building blocks of this current universe.
It would be ignorant of us to close our minds to this and other possibilities.

In the Beginning 1.2 9/1/19

9 Jan

1.2 Let us imagine something did exist before the Big Bang 14 billion years ago.
It is not beyond imagination to consider there could have been a universe which collapsed pre the Big Bang.
Naturally there would be no evidence of a previous existence of a universe but when you consider the Big Bang produced some basic elements such as Hydrogen and Helium those elements must have been the result of or the residue of something previously existing. As the universe expanded so did the combination and expansion of elements.
There must have been a primary cause that resulted in the Big Bang and theory of something from nothing is simply not plausible.
So, if a previous universe did exist – what could be that story?
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In the Beginning 1.1 – 1/1/19

1 Jan

1.1 In the Beginning there was…
It was a nothing… unknown. How it became a something from nothing still puzzles us in this day. An unimaginable nothing that is beyond our comprehension – a paradox our limited brain struggles to understand.
The view on our beginning is well documented with accompanying evidence – the Big Bang which occurred some 14 billion years ago (approximately as this date keeps shifting) was our beginning.
I concur with this evidence as the start of our universe.
There is nothing to suggest to the contrary that a previous something or universal structure existed before the Big Bang.
It is a struggle to consider a Big Bang could come from nothing – meaning a something from a nothing is beyond our brain capacity to imagine.
Consider this thought – Is it possible for a Big Bang to happen from nothing? Or is there a possibility there was a something perhaps beyond our comprehension existed before the Big Bang that commenced our universe?
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