In the Beginning 1.1 – 1/1/19

1 Jan

1.1 In the Beginning there was…
It was a nothing… unknown. How it became a something from nothing still puzzles us in this day. An unimaginable nothing that is beyond our comprehension – a paradox our limited brain struggles to understand.
The view on our beginning is well documented with accompanying evidence – the Big Bang which occurred some 14 billion years ago (approximately as this date keeps shifting) was our beginning.
I concur with this evidence as the start of our universe.
There is nothing to suggest to the contrary that a previous something or universal structure existed before the Big Bang.
It is a struggle to consider a Big Bang could come from nothing – meaning a something from a nothing is beyond our brain capacity to imagine.
Consider this thought – Is it possible for a Big Bang to happen from nothing? Or is there a possibility there was a something perhaps beyond our comprehension existed before the Big Bang that commenced our universe?
Decoded Series

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