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Joan of Arc Part 2 D.18.11.12

11 Nov

Joan was a young girl, and after her death at the age of 19, she became a symbol for France. And not only for France, but for the Catholic Church.
This was the Inquisition. The same Inquisition which would expel the Jews and the Muslims from Spain.
It was the Inquisition which burned Joan.
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Joan of Arc Part 1 D.18.11.11

10 Nov

The story of Joan of Arc is one of the most interesting ones in the annals of history and specifically in the annals of feminine history.
This is about a young girl who did not even manage to live to age 20. Nonetheless, she became a National symbol in France.
The struggle of Joan of Arc against the medieval English and the Burgundians came to symbolize as France’s liberation from the Nazi’s.
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Gothic Style of Venice D.11.10

9 Nov

The Gothic style of Venice is an architectural marvel. In the late Gothic style which flowered in Venice even after it started to become unfashionable in other parts of Italy.
The Venetians loved the Gothic.
And some of the most beautiful examples of Gothic architecture are to be found to this day in Venice.
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The Treasure of Venice D.18.11.09

8 Nov

This was a place of medium-sized power that lived in a world of much stronger powers. They survived not so much through warfare, though they were not bad at that, but through diplomacy.
The people in the Doge’s Palace are the ones who invented diplomats.
Venice was built on little islands in the lagoon, there’s not much open space, but the most famous open space in the city is right next to the Doge’s Palace.
This was an idea that the people are in the open space. Gave them a relief from the lagoon where the space was limited.
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The Challenge of Venice in the 14th Century D.18.11.08

7 Nov

In Venice the lagoon is a very treacherous place to navigate. Some of the water is very deep and navigable, and some is very shallow.
If you don’t know exactly what you were doing, it would be very easy for your entire invasion fleet to get stuck in the mud. The Venetians knew this, and they celebrated it in the architecture of the Doge’s palace, with its very open facade.
And just general appearance of happiness, joy, which is something at odds with the general tone of the 14th century.
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The Building of Venice D.18.11.07

6 Nov

Venice was built on the water. Venice was built on a series of small islands in the middle of a lagoon on the shores of the Adriatic Sea in Italy.
This meant that anyone who wanted to invade Venice would have to cross the lagoon to get to the city. And that was not that easy to do.
Venice had a very good Navy for almost all of its history. And so, if you wanted to invade Venice, you would have to come with a very good navy and defeat the Venetian navy.
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14th Century Violence D.18.11.06

5 Nov

There was a sense at the level of violence that was typical in the 14th century Towers were built as a way for looking out and seeing if the enemies were coming.
For example, the Campanile or bell tower of St. Mark’s Basilica served the same function in Venice, but the Venetians could look for a long time without seeing anyone coming. This was because Venice was built on the water.
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