French Travel Stories D.18.08.10

9 Aug

Many books circulated in the medieval period. Marco Polo’s book written by a romantic author appeared first in French.
A time later around 1357 was Mandeville’s Travels, and this was a book written in Anglo-Norman French.
French books had a fairly wide circulation in Medieval Europe. Mandeville’s Travels was a little more mysterious than Marco Polo’s.
There probably never was a John Mandeville. There’s no record of him outside this book of travels. He was described as being an English Knight.
In all – the French prized themselves of travel stories.
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By Boat or By Road D.18.08.09

8 Aug

The Silk Road was a popular way of getting from one location to another and yet there were various sea routes as well.
And like the Silk road where no one really went from start to finish but instead would hand over merchants for several legs of the journey so did it happen at sea.
Often, no one boat would make the trip all the way from one to the other. A boat from China might get as far as India, then a boat from one side of India would go to the other side of India or perhaps to Persia, and then the boat from Persia would go to Egypt and so on.
Trade flourished in the late medieval period both by land and by sea.
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Making a Will C.18.08.08

7 Aug

Making a Will is a horrid thought but a necessity. If you have assets it is a good idea to be clear about who should receive those assets.
No one likes to do a Will because it means death and yet it is a very sensible if not disturbing thing to do.
Family can be the most vicious when it comes to the assets of the deceased member of the family – people will fight over what they want. It seems there is no decorum when it comes to making a claim. Friends will often come forward with absurd claims let alone crying family members who insist on taking something.
I know once you are dead, well you are dead, and you will not know or care what happens, but it is a comfort while you are alive to know what you have goes to the people you want to receive.
Be smart, regardless of your age, make a Will, death does not discriminate when it comes to age.
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The Explorer Marco Polo D.18.08.07

6 Aug

The famous Medieval European traveller was Marco Polo. Marco Polo lived from 1254 to 1324, and he was a Venetian merchant traveller.
He lived in Venice but as he aged and came back a very wealthy man from his Asian travels, he travelled with his father and his uncle to Asia on a 24-year journey.
He left in 1269 and came back in 1293. After his return, he was imprisoned as a result of a war between Venice and Genoa, and in jail Marco Polo dictated his adventures to his cell mate.
Rusticello DePizza, was a writer of romances. And Rusticello published a version in 1300 written in old French called Livre des Merveilles du Monde, The Book of the Marvels of the World.
An extraordinary story of travel.
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Contact from Eastern to Western Hemispheres D.18.08.06

6 Aug

The world progressed quickly during the Late Middle Ages. There was a cutting-edge geographic knowledge in the years before Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic. And there became contact between the Eastern Hemisphere and the New World of the Americas and the Western Hemisphere.
There was a time of deep exploration and the coming discovery of the Americas.
It was also a time of accepting the world was round. Two of the greatest seafaring nations of Venice and Portugal explored the depth and length of the waters.
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Human Migration D.18.08.05

4 Aug

Human migration has been our trait since our species left Africa. It is seeming for many reasons of invasion and domination, we continued in antiquity.
Our species has travelled extraordinarily long distances – we became familiar with the world around.
At the other end of the scale for a peasant growing up on a farm somewhere you probably didn’t know a whole lot about the world around you beyond your neighbourhood, and a day or so’s travel from your home.
For instance, if you were living in a French village that you were part of a community called the French, but you might not know where Paris was, you might have seldom heard of it.
As a farm peasant you certainly would never travel there or think of traveling there. This is how many locals lived.
This has been the framework for civilization, those who have migrated and those who remain in their neighbourhood.
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The Travelling Pilgrims D.18.08.04

4 Aug

A lot of travel in earlier times was done by pilgrims. Pilgrims traveled all over the Christian world and all over the Muslim period.
Christian pilgrims travelled to places like Santa Santiago de la Compostela in Spain, or sometimes even to Jerusalem.
The Crusaders, of course, travelled to Jerusalem. And in the Muslim world, all Muslims were supposed to, if they could, make the pilgrimage to Mecca once in their life.
So, in all, there was a great deal of activity and travelling in the early religious years.
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