Royal Marriages of Old D.18.12.05

4 Dec

Henry V solidified his victory by marrying a French princess from the royal family. This would mean any children that he had would have a right to the French throne through their mother.
Everything looked like it was going well for England and then a bad thing happened. One was that Henry V died when his son Henry VI was just a little child.
This meant England went through a prolonged period of weakness because they didn’t have a strong king. They basically had a child on the throne and various nobles jockeying around the child to control the throne, and they were more concerned with fighting each other than fighting the French.
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The Burgundians D.18.12.04

3 Dec

The Burgundians were people who lived in the east of France in the area known as Burgundy. The English ally with Burgundy managed to conquer a good chunk of French territory.
They had almost all the North of France including Paris, the city of Paris was in English hands. There was also some land in the south in Gascony that was in English hands. The area was loyal to the French king was about half of the country of France and not the more powerful or wealthy half of the country.
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The Celebration of Agincourt D.18.12.03

2 Dec

Agincourt was one of the great military victories of England. It was celebrated hundreds of years later by Shakespeare in his play Henry V, with that speech about the band of brothers, and we few, we happy few.
The few English that defeated the many French. And it served as a kind of rallying cry for the English ever since.
They went back to memorialize Agincourt during World War Two when they were looking for evidence that they would be able to stand up to the much larger force of Nazi Germany.
And in England, it became a moment of glory even though, it wasn’t particularly glorious at the time.
The French were basically slaughtered, but still what happened in 1415 was that Henry, having defeated the French decisively at Agincourt decided it was time to move to expand his control over France and he allied himself with the Burgundians.
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The Prisoners from Agincourt D.10.12.02

1 Dec

An interesting point at Agincourt was that Henry V of England panicked and ordered French prisoners be killed.
This enormously added to the death toll in the battle because many of the knights had surrendered and were waiting to be ransomed.
And then Henry, who panicked, ordered that the prisoners were killed. This gave the English hope that they could win the war.
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The Battle of Agincourt 18.12.01

30 Nov

There was an enormous victory at the Battle of Agincourt. Agincourt 1415. The English outnumbered, chose a good place to defend between two woods.
As the French knights attacked in very limited space, the archers shot. The knights died. But the knights behind them kept coming.
A massive number of French knights were killed. Almost no English were killed at all because the archers killed the French knights before they could really do any damage to the English knights.
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The 15th Century and Henry V War D.18.11.30

29 Nov

The state of war continued early in the 15th century. There had been the English King Henry V who had been dealing with problems in England.
There had been a period of civil unrest in England largely due to Henry’s father, Henry IV, who took the throne under uncertain circumstances.
When Henry V came to the throne, he thought of the best way to pacify things in England would be to prosecute the war in France more vigorously.
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Ancient Peasant versus Nobles D.18.11.29

28 Nov

The ancient peasant revolts really frightened the nobility. This is because there were a lot more peasants than nobles in medieval society.
Peasants were not well armed, they were not trained at fighting. And the revolt was successfully put down with great violence all over the place.
It showed that the longer the war went on, the more the social fabric, was falling apart. The war came and went and came and went. Sometimes it was fought more vigorously other times things went dormant for a while.
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