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Living History

21 Jan

ImageThe natural curiosity of our past is perfectly normal. More so because the information about our history is so scatty at best. If selfish people of the past hadn’t tampered with history we may rest more easily. It is our right to know about our ancestors – our past.

It is because history was shakened up, is the reasoning many people follow the unreal activities of the bible. Many people base their lives from biblical history. Take the story of Abraham and Sarah. What clear message is being given in their story. Abraham prostituted his wife twice, the second time she was very old and pregnant with their child. What profound message is in this story? And thousands, no millions of people have glorified this story. Was it to show an unrealistic power of a god? Was it a source of obedience for an unreal god? And yet the preacher stands there in front of his congregation and makes the story of Abraham and Sarah spectacular. I struggle to find their story morally acceptable, in fact I find it morally bankrupt.

History is important for the knowledge it contains. As a milestone of the journey our species travelled. Our past is important but it should not be dwelled upon, on the contrary history should be used as a learning tool to help improve our present and navigate a more productive future.

Knowing our history offers us a place in this world, without it we would wonder about our roots.

History is in need of a rewrite. The bible needs to put on the shelves as a horror fiction story and we need to move forward knowing the advancement we have achieved as a species. We need to acknowledge the past and its horrid methods of power, control and wars but not allow it to be our future.

I keep these points in mind when I wonder through the remnants of history and the spectacular stories of the bible. And this allows me to continue to investigate and share the results of this exercise. The story of Abraham and Sarah doesn’t stop with these few disturbing points in fact it is only warming up to some very creative and cunning moves. And for that I will delight in sharing.



Abraham and Sarah of the Bible

25 Jun

Abraham and Sarah from the bible were originally known as Abram and Sarai. The Old Testament covers the story of Abraham who is the father of Isaac. Christians acknowledge the story of Abraham as a part of religious heritage.

The story of Abram and Sarai in detail highlights some interesting information.

Abram is told to go to Canaan but instead goes further south to Egypt because there was famine in Canaan. On arrival in Egypt Abram told Sarai to say she was his sister and this way he would be treated well.  Sarai was very beautiful and the king saw Sarai was beautiful and so he took her.

Abram prostituted his wife to the king.

The Lord sent terrible diseases on the king and his palace people. The king asked Abram why he lied about Sarai. Abram took back his wife and the king allowed them leave with the gifts given to them of sheep, cattle, slaves and so on.

The king is punished for the misdeeds of Abram and Sarai.

Sarai was unable to have children so she gave her servant girl Hagar to Abram so she could have a child for her. Hagar became pregnant. But Sarai despised Hagar and so she ran away into the desert. The angel of the Lord told Hagar to go back to Sarai. Hagar gave birth to Ishmael and Sarai despised her more.

Then God appeared to Abram and told him he would no longer be called Abram but Abraham. God also said his wife Sarai would now be called Sarah.

Later the Lord appeared to Abraham at the sacred trees of Mamre. He asked where was his wife Sarah.  The Lord told Abraham he would have a son in nine (9) months.  Sarah overheard this and laughed because she was very old and had stopped having her periods.

Much later Abraham and Sarah moved to southern Canaan  and later again to Gerar. There again Abraham asked his wife Sarah a second time to tell the king she was his sister.  Sarah was taken to the king.  God appeared to the king before he had come near her. The king told God Abraham said she was his sister.

This was the second time Abraham prostituted his wife.

According to the Lord back at Mamre, Sarah would have a son in nine (9) months.  As you will recall Sarah was very old.

So does this mean very old pregnant Sarah who was prostituted by her husband Abraham was desired by the king?

The bible has placed a marker with this story. This marker is the name changes from Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah.  Some christians have suggested that Abraham prostituting his wife only happened once and the story was repeated but this is not true according to the bible. Abraham indeed prostituted his wife twice.  

The first time Abraham prostitutes his wife he is known as Abram and she was Sarai.

Then God appeared to Abram and Sarai and changed their names to Abraham and Sarah.

Then the Lord appeared and said in nine (9) months Sarah would have a son, Isaac.  Sarah laughed because she was very old and stopped having her periods.

The second time Abraham prostitutes his wife they are known as Abraham and Sarah. Therefore Sarah was pregnant and very old when the king desired her.

Then Abraham exposes Sarah is his sister. They had different mothers but the same father.

God then announces Abraham is a prophet.

Then as the story unfolds it is after these events Sarah gives birth to Isaac.

What does this say about marriage?

What does this say about the protection of an unborn baby and the sanctuary of family?

And what does this say about incest?

God supports Abraham prostituting his very pregnant old wife who is his half-sister.  

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