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Bible Story

25 Jun

Hi and welcome to my blog. God in the Bible is a hot topic of interest. Is God in the Bible, good or evil? According to the Old Testament God murders in cold blood numerous times and what is worse he commands his chosen people to do the same. Depending on which side of the opinion fence you sit this can be interpreted different ways. The Christians may suggest God was teaching his creation what was acceptable and failure to do so meant death. On the other hand, the atheist would say God is evil for the numerous atrocities he commits in the bible.  

The Bible has been considered by followers as a book written by God. And therefore the information it contains is correct to the absolute.

I have read the bible numerous times, cover to cover. It puzzles me how a book  supposedly to be promoting the God of creation has documented so much violence. And then it clicked. For so much violence to be exposed in the bible could only mean one thing. The bible is not promoting God but instead the bible is warning humanity of the dangers of God. This would mean, God did not write the bible but instead it was penned by an ancient.

It is considered the Old Testament of the Bible was written around the 7th century BCE. This Testament was compiled by the people from ancient times who have desperately tried to warn humanity of the dangers of God. By documenting all the murders, infiltration of lands, wars instigated by God the Bible is disseminating the dangers of this entity.

So many people are influenced by societies support of God and the Bible that many people struggle to think it could be questioned. This is a major failure in society. The influence of churches are so strong very few people dare to question the activities of God in the Bible. And yet regardless of the many stories told today from preachers, the Bible is the original documented source of God. So many people rise up and defend God and yet the God told about in the bible is without doubt very dangerous.

Although this goes against the grain of thinking – I would like you to pick up your bible and instead of reading about the victorious God  you have been told about instead allow the bible to show you the invasion of God into humanity and how he murders and demands total control. Read the atrocities he has committed against humanity and the way he has manipulated people to murder and cause wars in his name.

It won’t hurt  taking this different approach. Call it an experiment.

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