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The bible says Adam and Eve were the first of mankind

10 Jan

ImageIt fascinates me how so many people are convinced Adam and Eve are the first of mankind. The bible mentions nothing about the process of dinasaurs, cave men or hunters and gatherers. Equally nothing is mentioned how mankind progress using language and developed harvesting skills. The bible starts with mankind in a civilized world.

Adam and Eve were not a part of the seven days of creation story because in that story male and females were created on the sixth day after the animals were created on the 5th day. In the Adam and Eve story Adam was created first, animals second and
Eve third.

Theologians have been making excuses for the contradictions in the bible and it has been a past time for pastors/preachers to pen their own story to these little hiccups. But in order to justify these problems, it has caused more problems.

In the bible, Adam and Eve have their first child Cain and later their second son Abel. Cain becomes a farmer and Abel a shepherd. Cain brought some of his harvest, not his first or best crop, and offered it to the Lord. Abel killed his first born sheep as an offering and gave the best parts to the Lord. God was pleased with Abel’s offering but rejected Cain’s offering of his harvest because it was not his first and best. Cain became furious. God said, “If you had done the right thing you would be smiling, but because you have done evil, sin is crouching at your door. It wants to rule you but you must overcome it.”

In other words God punishes if he does not receive the ‘first and best offering’ – not to give the ‘first and best’ is called ‘evil’. We can only assume Cain was unaware of this demand otherwise why would he intentionally upset God?

Then, Cain leads his brother Abel to the fields and kills him.

Then God claims Cain’s brother’s blood is crying out of the ground like a voice calling for revenge. Cain’s act of murder was caused by jealousy that was encouraged by God’s disapproval of him. Then Cain is cast under a curse and can no longer farm the soil. He becomes a homeless wanderer on the earth.

The message here is God will take nothing less than the best and creates a war between the siblings. God has also demonstrated ‘Greed’ by his own actions. This is also the first example of animal sacrifice which is disrespect and cruelty to animals. God enjoys the odour from the offerings and the smell of death. He is causing humankind to unnecessarily slaughter animals and burn crops beyond the need for food which is a total disregard for the animal kingdom and nature. God conditioned humanity for evil.

Then Cain said to the Lord, “this pain is too hard for me to bear. You are driving me off the land and away from your presence. I will be a wanderer on the earth; anyone who finds me will kill me.” But the Lord answered, “No, if anyone kills you, seven lives will be taken in revenge,” so the Lord put a mark on Cain to warn anyone who met him not to kill him. Cain went away and lived in a land called ‘Wandering’. Cain and his wife had a son and named him Enoch, thus starting his blood line.

Notice how God protects the sins of Cain by warning anyone who kills him – seven lives will be taken in ‘Revenge’. God promotes revenge and murder. God promotes evil.

Cain now has a wife and produces his blood line. You may ask the question, if Adam and Eve were the first of mankind, then where did Cain’s wife come from? For that matter where did the ‘people’ who would want to kill Cain come from? This is a common question from many people – I am far from the first. And that is because humanity already existed. This isolates Gods creation and identifies God’s influence only started 6,000 years ago, long after the evolution of people.

The bible documents a ready made intelligence and ability in these ‘first’ god influenced humans. Cain and Abel as a farmer and a shepherd had survival skills of an intelligent, so called, civilized level and could not be likened to ‘savages’ or ‘cave men’. It could be argued they were intelligent because Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge. But remember God was furious about Eve taking the fruit of knowledge as he was against promoting this ability… Mind you, God could have removed knowledge from Adam and Eve, if he really wanted, if knowledge upset him so much, rather than making all the drama.

Additionally, there is no mention of the occupancy of cave men, hunters and gatherers prior to this biblical time when humanity was in the developmental stage of civilized skills leading up to this point in history. It’s obvious isn’t it? God intentionally wanted to make humankind who already had existed before his arrival, subservient to his demands. The bible shows us the already existing humanity was being conditioned by God.

Adam and Eve then proceed to have another son and named him Seth. It was then the ‘people’ began using the Lord’s holy name in worship. When God created human beings, he made them like himself. He created them male and female, blessed them, and named them ‘Mankind’.

The Bible indicates ‘People’ demonstrating a civilization already existed. According to the creation story of Adam and Eve, this is the first generation. Yet this mention of ‘People’ contradicts its own content. But then again the fact that Cain had a wife and produces his bloodline also challenges the creation story.  

I want to now reference some other scriptures of interest. There are many other written works not included in the bible and considered forbidden. This highlights the debate all these works were man made and Church leaders discussed and decided what should be included and accepted as teachings. Many of these forbidden works have appeared in the Koran.

The first example would be the book of Genesis and the alternate works of ‘The Lives of Adam and Eve’. This book is a total contrast to Genesis. Its thought to have been written in the first century CE (Common Era) and some consider it was written as late as the fourth century CE.

The interesting inclusion in this version is Adam had a first wife before Eve. She was considered smarter than Adam yet evil (of course) and this first wife became the ‘She Devil’. They parted company and this first wife cursed Adam and Eve and all his future descendants. This could be considered as taking on the role of God (She Devil) in Genesis.

The Book Of Jubilee is another later work by an unknown author. This particular book was rejected by both Jews and Christians but is included in the bible used by the Ethiopians. The Book of Jubilees was discovered in the caves used by the Essenes with the Dead Sea Scrolls. It appears to have been written to answer the many questions left open in the bible, much like many preachers of today.

For instance in the bible Adam and Eve are supposed to be the first of humanity and yet Cain marries a woman and has a baby. This first wife of Cain seems to come from nowhere. The bible is full of confusion and is considered by many scholars to hold a secret message which is the excuse for the contradictions. 

The author of the Book of Jubilee appears to have been desperate to justify the faith and provided interpretations which had their own problems. For instance Jubilee’s account of Cain’s first wife was he married his own sister. Adam and Eve had nine sons and daughters. The bible does not mention this detail…

This however, introduced another difficulty – incest.



Cain and Abel in the Bible

29 Jun

Cain and Abel were the first children of Adam and Eve. Cain became a farmer and Abel a shepherd. The story of Cain and Abel is rather straight forward and at the same time has caused many debates.

Cain murders his brother Abel because God disapproved of his offering and favoured Abel. Cain is cast under a curse and can no longer farm the soil. He became a homeless wanderer on earth. Cain went away and lived in a land called ‘Wandering’. Cain and his wife had a son and named him Enoch, thus starting his bloodline. The debate on how Cain could marry a woman since he was the first generation of mankind continues between God believers and non-believers. The answer is very obvious. People already existed. The biblical creation dates back 6,000 years. Actual evidence of life dates back millions of years. There is no doubt, God created an invasion on an already existing humanity.

Adam and Eve then proceed to have another son and named him Seth.

But it is what comes next which I find a fascination…



The first time I read this paragraph in the bible I had to have a second take. I don’t recall one priest or preacher mentioning this inclusion and I bet many of you didn’t even know this was in the bible. This clause alone is a call for concern and suspicion.

By chapter six of Genesis, mankind had spread all over the world, and girls were being born. Some of the supernatural beings (some versions of the bible say ‘sons of God’) saw that these girls were beautiful, so they took the ones they liked. Then the Lord said, “I will not allow people to live forever, they are mortal. From now on they will live no longer than 120 years.” In those days and even later, there were giants on the earth who were descendants of human women and the supernatural beings. They were the great heroes and famous men of long ago.