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Sodom and Gomorrah

24 Jan

ImageThe story of Sodom and Gomorrah has been told many times. Like many of the stories in the bible this is a familar one. This particular story cannot be verified with history. Oh yes many old ruins have been uncovered and claimed it could be the sight of this story, but no, it is grabbing at straws.

This story of Lot going to Sodom and Gomorrah happens, according to the bible, the same time as God visiting Abraham and Sarah in their old age and being told they would have a son in nine months.

The Lord said to Abraham, “There are terrible accusations against Sodom and Gomorrah and their sins are very great so I must go down to find out whether or not the accusations which I have heard are true.” Abraham approached the Lord and asked, “Are you really going to destroy the innocent with the guilty?”

The Lord and Abraham then negotiated about saving the innocent even if that mean’s only ten people. He said, “If there are at least ten innocents amongst them, I will not destroy them”.

The obvious observation from this encounter is the Lord and the angels are in physical form and behave as living Beings. Genesis records during the creation story God created man to resemble ‘Us’ highlighting God is not alone. This part of the story verifies this input and at the same time places God and his angels as people and not something out of this world.

The story of Lot, nephew of Abraham and Sarah.

When the two angels came to Sodom that evening, Lot was sitting at the city gates. As soon as he saw them, he got up and went to meet them. He bowed down before them and said, “Sirs, I am here to serve you. Please come to my house. You can wash your feet and spend the night.”

He kept on urging them, and finally they went with him to his house. Before the guests went to bed, the men of Sodom surrounded the house. They called out to Lot and asked, “Where are the men who came to stay with you tonight? Bring them out to us.” The men of Sodom wanted to have sex with them.

Lot said to them, “Friends, I beg you, don’t do such a wicked thing. Look, I have two daughters who are still virgins. Let me bring them out to you and you can do whatever you want with them. But don’t do anything to these men, they are guests in my house, and I must protect them”.

But they said, “Get out of my way you foreigner, who are you to tell us what to do?” But the two men inside reached out pulled Lot back into the house and shut the door. Then the angels struck all the men outside with blindness, so they couldn’t find the door.

Besides the creativity used In this story, Lot displays how little he values his daughters. He was prepared to cast them out to these people and allow them to do as they pleased in exchange for saving the godly visitors. What does this say about women in God’s eyes? And yet ironically God was coming to punish the town people for their sins. What sin could be greater than Lot abusing his own daughters with sex and brutality? The reasoning from a religious view is instilled that we must sacrifice our children for the sake of God… This God distorts family values.

This story illustrates the strength of the curse placed on humanity by God because religious followers have interpreted the evil is in the town people rather than in the actions of Lot.

God previously endorsed the trickery of Abraham when he said his wife was his sister and now the angels bore witness to Lot’s suggestion of casting his virgin daughters to the town’s people.

This story strongly categorizes homosexuality as evil because the men wanted to have sex with the angels. Hence today, it is understood by many people homosexuality is a sinful practice. I totally disagree with that thought.

On closer examination it is very obvious each of these events is encouraged by God, his angels or the chosen people. Throughout the bible it is often difficult to distinguish between God and his angels.

For God’s mission of control, mankind needed to learn and understand evil. It is the only method that would eventually lead us to our own destruction.

The two men said to Lot, “If you have anyone else here, sons, daughters, sons-in-law, or any other relatives living in the city, get them out of here, because we are going to destroy this place. The Lord has heard the terrible accusations against these people and has sent us to destroy Sodom.” Then Lot went to the men his daughters were to wed and said, “Hurry up and get out of here, the Lord is going to destroy this place”, but they thought he was joking.

At dawn, the angels tried to make Lot hurry, “quick”, they said. “Take your wife and your two daughters and get out.” Then one of the angels said, “Run for your lives! Don’t look back and don’t stop in the valley. Run for the hills, so you won’t be killed”. But Lot answered “I will die before I get there. Do you see that little town? It is near enough.” The angel answered, “All right, I agree, I won’t destroy that town”.

The sun was rising when Lot reached Zoar. Suddenly the Lord rained burning sulphur on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and destroyed them and the whole valley. But Lot’s wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt – perhaps it was a volcano!.

And now the story gets more weird…

Because Lot was afraid to stay in Zoar, he and his two daughters moved up into the hills and lived in a cave. The older daughter said to her sister, “Our father is getting old, and there are no men in the whole world to marry us so that we can have children. Come on, let’s get our father drunk, so we can sleep with him and have children by him”. That night they gave him wine to drink, and the older daughter had intercourse with him. But he was so drunk he didn’t know it.

 The next day the older daughter said to her sister, “I slept with him last night, now let’s get him drunk again tonight, and you sleep with him. Then each of us will have a child by our father.” So that night they got him drunk and the younger daughter had intercourse with him. Again he was so drunk he didn’t know it. In this way both of Lot’s daughters became pregnant by their own father. The older daughter had a son, whom she named Moab. He was the ancestor of the present day Moabites. The younger daughter also had a son, whom she named Benammi. He was the ancestor of the present day Ammonites.

So now we have incest. Drunkenness impedes sexual performance and I strongly doubt Lot was oblivious to sexual actions. A woman can be raped without consent, but a man has to become ‘erect’ in order to perform.

Remember it was Lot who was prepared to allow the men to do whatever they wanted to his daughters in Sodom in order to protect his godly guests. I wouldn’t put it past Lot to have raped his own daughters. Either way incest is acknowledged as the beginning of these lines of descendants. And God’s angels did not object!

And people worship this god! We can see why our world is so screwed up (punt intended).


Abraham and Sarah of the Bible

25 Jun

Abraham and Sarah from the bible were originally known as Abram and Sarai. The Old Testament covers the story of Abraham who is the father of Isaac. Christians acknowledge the story of Abraham as a part of religious heritage.

The story of Abram and Sarai in detail highlights some interesting information.

Abram is told to go to Canaan but instead goes further south to Egypt because there was famine in Canaan. On arrival in Egypt Abram told Sarai to say she was his sister and this way he would be treated well.  Sarai was very beautiful and the king saw Sarai was beautiful and so he took her.

Abram prostituted his wife to the king.

The Lord sent terrible diseases on the king and his palace people. The king asked Abram why he lied about Sarai. Abram took back his wife and the king allowed them leave with the gifts given to them of sheep, cattle, slaves and so on.

The king is punished for the misdeeds of Abram and Sarai.

Sarai was unable to have children so she gave her servant girl Hagar to Abram so she could have a child for her. Hagar became pregnant. But Sarai despised Hagar and so she ran away into the desert. The angel of the Lord told Hagar to go back to Sarai. Hagar gave birth to Ishmael and Sarai despised her more.

Then God appeared to Abram and told him he would no longer be called Abram but Abraham. God also said his wife Sarai would now be called Sarah.

Later the Lord appeared to Abraham at the sacred trees of Mamre. He asked where was his wife Sarah.  The Lord told Abraham he would have a son in nine (9) months.  Sarah overheard this and laughed because she was very old and had stopped having her periods.

Much later Abraham and Sarah moved to southern Canaan  and later again to Gerar. There again Abraham asked his wife Sarah a second time to tell the king she was his sister.  Sarah was taken to the king.  God appeared to the king before he had come near her. The king told God Abraham said she was his sister.

This was the second time Abraham prostituted his wife.

According to the Lord back at Mamre, Sarah would have a son in nine (9) months.  As you will recall Sarah was very old.

So does this mean very old pregnant Sarah who was prostituted by her husband Abraham was desired by the king?

The bible has placed a marker with this story. This marker is the name changes from Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah.  Some christians have suggested that Abraham prostituting his wife only happened once and the story was repeated but this is not true according to the bible. Abraham indeed prostituted his wife twice.  

The first time Abraham prostitutes his wife he is known as Abram and she was Sarai.

Then God appeared to Abram and Sarai and changed their names to Abraham and Sarah.

Then the Lord appeared and said in nine (9) months Sarah would have a son, Isaac.  Sarah laughed because she was very old and stopped having her periods.

The second time Abraham prostitutes his wife they are known as Abraham and Sarah. Therefore Sarah was pregnant and very old when the king desired her.

Then Abraham exposes Sarah is his sister. They had different mothers but the same father.

God then announces Abraham is a prophet.

Then as the story unfolds it is after these events Sarah gives birth to Isaac.

What does this say about marriage?

What does this say about the protection of an unborn baby and the sanctuary of family?

And what does this say about incest?

God supports Abraham prostituting his very pregnant old wife who is his half-sister.  

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Bible Story

25 Jun

Hi and welcome to my blog. God in the Bible is a hot topic of interest. Is God in the Bible, good or evil? According to the Old Testament God murders in cold blood numerous times and what is worse he commands his chosen people to do the same. Depending on which side of the opinion fence you sit this can be interpreted different ways. The Christians may suggest God was teaching his creation what was acceptable and failure to do so meant death. On the other hand, the atheist would say God is evil for the numerous atrocities he commits in the bible.  

The Bible has been considered by followers as a book written by God. And therefore the information it contains is correct to the absolute.

I have read the bible numerous times, cover to cover. It puzzles me how a book  supposedly to be promoting the God of creation has documented so much violence. And then it clicked. For so much violence to be exposed in the bible could only mean one thing. The bible is not promoting God but instead the bible is warning humanity of the dangers of God. This would mean, God did not write the bible but instead it was penned by an ancient.

It is considered the Old Testament of the Bible was written around the 7th century BCE. This Testament was compiled by the people from ancient times who have desperately tried to warn humanity of the dangers of God. By documenting all the murders, infiltration of lands, wars instigated by God the Bible is disseminating the dangers of this entity.

So many people are influenced by societies support of God and the Bible that many people struggle to think it could be questioned. This is a major failure in society. The influence of churches are so strong very few people dare to question the activities of God in the Bible. And yet regardless of the many stories told today from preachers, the Bible is the original documented source of God. So many people rise up and defend God and yet the God told about in the bible is without doubt very dangerous.

Although this goes against the grain of thinking – I would like you to pick up your bible and instead of reading about the victorious God  you have been told about instead allow the bible to show you the invasion of God into humanity and how he murders and demands total control. Read the atrocities he has committed against humanity and the way he has manipulated people to murder and cause wars in his name.

It won’t hurt  taking this different approach. Call it an experiment.

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