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Mandrake named in Old Testament

26 Jun

Yes Mandrake is mentioned by name in the Old Testament. This makes the bible story more interesting.  So why is this so important? It is important because Mandrake was a known drug of antiquity and it had many properties including inducing sleep. This plant is mentioned in the story about Jacob in the Old Testament. Jacob falls in love with Rachel and works sevens years for her hand in marriage. On Jacob’s wedding night Rachel’s father Laban swaps her for Leah. The reasoning (as I understand) is because Leah was the eldest daughter and should marry first. So Jacob then voluntarily works another seven years.

Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah. God was kind to Leah and she had many children.

One day during the wheat harvest Reuben the son of Leah found Mandrake. Rachel asked Leah for some of her son’s mandrake in exchange she would allow Leah to sleep with Jacob. It was after this event Rachel finally had her first son and she named him Joseph. Joseph was loved more than Jacob’s other children because he was born to Rachel whom he loved more than Leah.

Mandrake is a plant used as a sleeping drug. But one of the most important properties of Mandrake, when used correctly, Mandrake can simulate death. An extension of this information is recorded evidence of the use of Mandrake in the first century by a physician named Discorsi. Combined with the knowledge Mandrake was known among the chosen people of God makes it very possible Jesus had access to this drug. Therefore the possibility of Jesus simulating his death so as to appear to resurrect after three days is probable.

Mandrake recorded in the Old Testament by name was a known drug used by God’s chosen people.

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