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Creation Story in the Bible

28 Jun

Did you know there are two creation stories in the bible? The first creation story in Genesis is the Seven Days of Creation. The second creation story in Genesis is The Garden of Eden.

Theologians have made some very interesting excuses to justify this detail. The most common cover story is the Seven Days of creation is the overview of creation and the Garden of Eden is the detailed description of creation.

Except… The two stories do not agree.

In the Seven Days of Creation – the creator is called God. In the Garden of Eden – the creator is called Lord God. 

In the Seven Days of Creation – on the Sixth Day God made ‘Human Beings’. In the Garden of Eden – Adam was formed and placed in the Garden of Eden as the first of ‘Mankind’. As per the English translation people were called ‘Human Beings’ in the Seven Days of Creation. In the Garden of Eden Adam was called the first of ‘Mankind’. Hence people are given a dual title – ‘Human Beings’  and ‘Mankind’.

In the Seven Days of Creation – On the 5th Day God made the animals first – Human Beings (male and female) were created on the 6th Day second.  In the Garden of Eden, the Lord God created Adam first – He took soil from the ground and formed all the Animals second. The Lord God created Eve from Adam third.

In the Seven Days of Creation God separated Darkness from Light three times. In the Garden of Eden the story shows the area around Eden was well established with the mention of Gold, Perfume and Precious Stones.

The church claims the bible was written by God – apparently God did not proof read his work…

Original Sin is seeded in the Garden of Eden. It is the Tree of Knowledge of what is Good and what is Bad or as in some translations Knowledge of Everything. There is an advanced intelligence in the creation story e.g. language. Eve spoke to the snake. The snake tempts Eve to eat the fruit of Knowledge. Eve eats the fruit and shares with Adam.

Adam and Eve are punished for eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Eve is blamed for encouraging Adam to eat the fruit.  God punishes both of them by casting them out of the Garden.  God placed Winged Creatures and Flaming Swords to guard the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. In other words the Tree of Knowledge was held hostage by the Winged Creatures and Flaming Sword.  God curses the land “because of what you have done the ground will be under a curse”.  

The All Seeing All Knowing God intentionally put a tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden so as to tempt Adam and Eve. Since God knows all, then God would have known Eve would take the fruit. Therefore God was teaching Mankind the first lesson –  ‘Sin’.  Then God severely penalizes his creation with a life of Misery.

There is no Free Will when Punishment is assigned as a result of choice. 

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